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Feast of the Guardian Angels

 October 2, A.D. 2014 – Holy Guardian Angels

Calendar for the Traditional Roman Rite

feast of Guardian Angels

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Luisa and her Guardian Angel

LUISA PRAYINGTaken from: Childhood Memories

Padre Bucci: “… her writings can’t reveal everything about Luisa’s life, because it was far more complex”.

“That’s true” Aunt Rosaria answered. “I could tell of many things that no one knows”.

“So why do you insistently refuse to speak?” “If Luisa had wished them to be known she would have written them down, or the Church would have ordered her to write them; it is clear that certain phenomena which occurred, which I and others witnessed, do not serve for the sanctification of souls.

The Lord permitted to be known all that is of use to the Church and to souls, the rest serves no purpose. In speaking of these things I feel as if I were profaning the intimacy that was built up between God and Luisa, human beings would not understand. The message bequeathed by Luisa exceeds her very person. Luisa wanted the Lord alone to have all the honor and glory, and she was to disappear into nothingness; this is why she loved solitude and silence, and showed great distress when she noticed that she was the object of people’ veneration, for she considered herself only a poor sick person, in need of everything. I and others knew very well that Luisa had no need of anything, and that we had to be the custodians of her mystery. How often in the morning did I find Luisa all tidy and the altar already prepared for Holy Mass with the candles lit”.

“And how did this happen, if Luisa never set foot out of bed for about sixty years? Are you sure of what you say?”.

“Absolutely certain! Because I was the only one who entered her room”

“Did you never wonder what the explanation was?”.

“I thought that Angels served her, especially her guardian Angel, to whom she was deeply devoted. Her room was often found full of fragrance”.

“And did others smell this fragrance?”.

“Yes, those who took part in Holy Mass. I remember that once Fr. Cataldo De Benedictis, who had come to celebrate

Holy Mass in the absence of her confessor, said to me: ‘Don’t scent the room, or I will come out with a headache’. I assured him that no one had put scent in the room, but he did not believe me”.

From Divine Will Newsletter No. 149

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