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The Soul Who Lives in the Divine Will becomes Enrolled in the Celestial Militia

Luisa bookV34 – 6.28.37 – “My daughter, do not marvel because of what I have told you, rather, I will tell you more surprising things yet, but how much I would want that everyone would listen in order to make everyone decide to Live in My Volition. Listen, how consoling and Beautiful is what My Love pushes Me to tell you. So much is My Love, that I feel the need of telling you where We reach for one who Lives in Our Volition. Now, you must know that as the soul decides repeatedly and firmly to live no more of her will but of Ours, her name becomes written in Heaven with Indelible characters of Light, and she becomes enrolled in the Celestial Militia as Heiress and Daughter of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

“But this is not enough for Our Love. We Confirm her in Good in a way that she will feel such horror for every least sin, that she will not be capable anymore of falling. Not only this, but she will remain Confirmed in the Goods, in the Love, in the Sanctity, etc., of her Creator. She will be invested by the Prerogative of reclaimed part, she will no longer be looked at as exiled, and if she will remain on earth, she will be as officiating of the Celestial Militia, not as exiled. She will have all the Goods at her disposition. She will be able to say: ‘His Will being mine, what is of God is mine.’ Rather, she will feel herself Possessor of her Creator.

“And since she no longer operates with her will, but with Mine, all the barriers are broken that impeded her from hearing her Creator, the distances have disappeared, the dissimilarity between her and God does not exist anymore. She will feel herself so Loved by He who has Created her, as to feel her heart burst with Love in order to Love He who Loves her. And feeling herself Loved by God is the greatest joy, honor, and glory for the creature. My daughter, do not marvel. They are Our Goals, the Purpose for which the creature was Created—to find in her Our Life, Our Reigning Will, Our Love, in order to be Loved and to Love her. If this were not so, all Creation would be a work unworthy of Us.”

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