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Contemplating the beauty of creation inspires us to recognize the love of the Creator

Contemplating the beauty of creation inspires us to recognize the love of the Creator, that Love which “moves the sun and the other stars”. (Message for the Celebration of the World Day of Peace. 1 January, 2010)”
Pope Benedict XVI


LUISA14V31 – October 9, 1932 “Now, one who goes around in Our Will, as she finds Our Works that were prepared in order to then Create man, she sounds the little bell to call all creatures to recognize this Love of God toward man. And its sweet sound calls Our Attention, Our Love reawakens, and makes arise again in Us Our Ecstasies of Love toward her. Ecstasies mean total Re-Pouring toward whom one Loves, and one who comes into Our Will has the strength to make Us undergo Our Ecstasy of Love so that We pour Ourselves out again in her. And with Our Power, We put the creature into Ecstasies for Us, so that nothing remains for her, and everything re-pours into Our Supreme Being.

“A mutual re-pouring occurs, the one into the other, because there is nothing that pleases Us more, then seeing the creature in that same Will in which she was Created. To contemplate Our Works, know them, and feel the pulsations of Our Love that each created thing possesses, was the Garment that We prepared and gave to man in Creating so many things and the whole of Creation. Now, who receives the life of the good that created things contain? One who makes use of this Garment so splendid, and with Right knows them. Knowing them she finds Our Palpitating Love, Our Operating Will, and she loves them and loves in them that Supreme Being who Loves her so much. Therefore be attentive and constant in going around in Our Works, so that We give each other a hand in Loving each other, take turns placing ourselves in Ecstasy, and with utility you will make use of the great Garment that with so much Love your Creator has given you.”

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