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Only God has the Power to Enter into the hearts and Dominate them as He Pleases.


Power of the Holy Name of Jesus'V6 – 9.2.04 – Being in my usual state, I was feeling all oppressed, with the addition of the fear that my poor state might be all a diabolical work, feeling my soul and body being consumed. Then, He came for just a little and told me: “My daughter, why do you trouble yourself so much? Don’t you know that if all the diabolical forces would unite together, they could not enter into a single heart and take dominion of it, unless the soul herself, of her own will, would let them in? Only God has this Power of Entering into the hearts and Dominating them as He pleases.” And I: ‘Lord, why do I feel my soul and body being Consumed when You deprive me of Yourself? Is this not the diabolical breath that has penetrated into my soul and torments me like this?’ And He: “On the contrary, I tell you that it is the Breath of the Holy Spirit which, Blowing Continuously into you, Keeps you Always Ignited and Consumes you for Love of Him.”

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