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When the Divine Will Reigns, the enemy will shut himself up into the abyss


Luisa1V17 – 9.22.24 I continue: while I was writing what is written above, I saw my Sweet Jesus placing His Mouth at the point of my heart, and Feeding me the Words I was writing. At the same time, I heard a horrible din from afar, as if people were beating each other, and roaring with such clamor as to strike fear. And I, turning to my Jesus, said to Him: ‘My Jesus, my Love, who is making all this din? They sound like furious demons. What is the matter, that they rage so much?’

And Jesus: “My daughter, it really is them. They would want you not to write about My Divine Will, and when they see you write more Important Truths on Living in My Divine Will, they suffer a double hell and they torment the damned even more. They fear so much that these Writings on My Divine Will be Manifested because they see that they lose their kingdom upon earth, which they acquired when man, withdrawing from the Divine Will, gave free step to his own human will… Ah, yes, it was exactly then that the enemy acquired his kingdom on earth; and if My Will Reigns upon earth, My enemy, by himself, will shut himself up into the deepest abysses. This is why they wrestle with so much fury: they feel the Power of My Will in these Writings, and at the mere thought that they may be Manifested, they fly into a rage and try anything they can in order to hamper a good so Great. You, however, do not pay attention to them, and learn from this to Appreciate My Teachings.”

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