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All the Power is in the “Will”

GOD THE FATHERParagraph 1804 – I. The Human Virtues 1804 Human virtues are firm attitudes, stable dispositions, habitual perfectionsof intellect and will that govern our actions, order our passions, and CCC
Paragraph 1834 – III. The Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit
1834 The human virtues are stable dispositions of the intellect and the will
that govern our acts, order our passions, and guide our conduct in ..CCC
.Paragraph 1704 – ARTICLE 1 MAN: THE IMAGE OF GOD
1704 The human person participates in the light and power of the divine Spirit.
By free will, he is capable of directing himself toward his true good. CCC



V33 – 3.19.35 –My blessed daughter, tell Me, what do you want? Do you want that My Will Reigns and Lives in you as Life? If you truly want it, everything is done, because so much is Our Love and ardent Desire that the creature possess Our Will as Life in order to let her Live of It, that as her human will truly wants it, so Ours fills the human volition with Our Supreme Volition in order to form Its Life there, and Live in her as in Its own Center. You must know that the Divine Will and the human are two spiritual powers. The Divine, Immense with an Unreachable Power. The human, little power, but for however little, it has its power. And both being spiritual, the one can pour itself into the other and form one single Life. All the power is in the volition, and being spiritual power, it has the space of being able to place inside of its will the good that she wants, and also the evil. In fact, what the will wants, that is what one finds inside of herself: If she wants self-esteem, glory, love of pleasures, of riches, she will find inside of her volition the life of self-esteem, of glory, the life of pleasures, of riches, and, if she wants, sin—even sin will form its life.

            “Even more, if she wants the Life of Our Will in hers, wanted, commanded by Us with so many sighs, if she truly wants It, she will have the Great Good of possessing Our Will as Life. And if this could not be, the Sanctity of Living in My Volition would be a difficult and almost impossible sanctity, and I do not know how to neither teach difficult things, nor do I want impossible things. Rather it is My usual Way to make easy, for as much as it is possible for the creature, the most arduous things and hardest sacrifice. And if necessary I place there of Mine in order to have that the little power of her will becomes sustained, aided, animated, by the Invincible Power of Mine, and so render easy the Good, or the Life of My Volition, that the creature wants to possess. And so much is My Love, that in order to make it all the more easy, I whisper to the ear of the heart: ‘If you truly want to do this good, I will do it together with you, I will not leave you alone, I will place My Grace, My Strength, My Light, My Sanctity at your disposition; we will both do the good that you want to possess.’

            “Therefore, not too much is needed to Live of My Will; the too much is in the volition—if this decides and strongly and perseveringly wants it, already she has conquered Mine and has made It hers. O! how many things the human volition can enclose being a spiritual power that gathers much and loses nothing, it resembles the light of the sun. How many things does the sun not enclose, while one sees nothing other than light and heat? And yet the goods that it encloses are almost innumerable, and one sees that as it touches the earth, so it communicates its admirable goods; and yet one sees nothing other than light. Such is the human will, how many goods does it not contain? If she wants, it can contain Love, Sanctity, Light, reparation, patience, all the virtues, and even her Creator Himself. Being a spiritual power, it has the virtue and capacity of containing everything that she wants. And not only does it have the power of containing the Good that she wants, but of Transmuting herself into the Good that it contains. In fact, the human will changes into the nature of the Good that she wants, and although she does not do many things that she truly wants, in the will they remain as done. And one sees that on the occasion of doing that good that she wants, possessing the life of it, with promptness, with all love, without any hesitation, she does that good that she wanted to do for so long. Symbol of this is the sun, that finding neither the seed, nor the flower, can give neither the good of maturing the seed, nor the good of the color to the flowers—but as soon as it is given it to touch them with its light, possessing the life of it, immediately it gives the maturation to the seed, the color to the flowers.

            “With indelible characters the human will possesses everything that it does and that it wants to do. And if the memory forgets, yet the will loses nothing, it contains the deposit of all of her acts without that it could lose anything. Therefore one can say: ‘All of man is in the will.’ If this is holy, even the most indifferent things are holy for him. If then it is bad, perhaps even the good changes for him into perverse act. So if you truly want My Divine Will as Life, not too much is needed, even more, because united to yours there is Mine that wants it, there is a Power that can do everything, and as for you, one will see with deeds if in all things you will behave as possessor of a Divine Will. Therefore be attentive, My daughter, and let your flight always be continuous in the Supreme Fiat.”

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