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At Every Door God has Placed an Angel as Guardian to Conduct the soul Safely into the Divine Will

Guardian_Angel_Commending_the_Soul_of_an_Infant_to_the_Madonna_and_Child_-_WGA8457“Now, as the human will has its doors, its stairs, in order to descend into the abyss of evils, not in order to ascend, so My Divine Will has Its doors, Its stairs, in order to Ascend to Its Heavens, to Its Immense Goods, and It forms the Living Paradise of the one who possesses It. And every Knowledge that regards It is one door that is opened, it is a stair that is formed, it is a way that opens before you that you must cross in order to possess with deeds what you have known. See, therefore, the Great Good of the so many Knowledges that I have manifested to you. They are so many Doors that make the entrance into Its Kingdom easy for you. And at every door I have placed an Angel as Guardian so that he would give you a hand and conduct you safely into the Regions of the Divine Will.

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