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The Church and the Light of the Divine Will


V16 – February 10, 1924 – “…Do you see how necessary it is to make them understand that complete abandonment is needed in order to Live in My Divine Will? And you say it is not necessary to write about it? I feel compassion for you, because you do not see what I see, and that’s why you take it lightly. Instead, in My All-seeingness, I see that these Writings will be for My Church as a New Sun which will rise in her midst; and men, attracted by its radiant Light, will strive to transform themselves into this Light and become Spiritualized and Divinized, and therefore, Renewing the Church, they will Transform the face of the earth.

The Doctrine on My Will is the Purest, the most Beautiful, not subject to any shadow of the material or of interest, either in the supernatural or in the natural order. Therefore, just like the sun, It will be the most Penetrating, the most Fecund, and the most Welcomed and appreciated. And being Light, It will Make Itself Understood and will Make Its Own Way. It will not be subject to doubt or suspicions of error; and if some words will not be understood, it will be because of too much Light, which, eclipsing the human intellect, will not allow them to understand the whole Fullness of the Truth. However, they will not find one word which is not True. At the most, they will not be able to comprehend it fully.

Therefore, in view of the Good which I see, I push you to neglect nothing in writing. One saying, one effect, one simile on My Divine Will can be like beneficial Dew upon the souls, just as dew is beneficial on the plants after a day of burning sun, or like a pouring rain after long months of drought. You cannot understand all the Good, the Light, the Strength contained in one word; but your Jesus knows it, and knows the ones whom it will Serve and the Good it will do.”

Now, as He was saying this, He showed me a table in the midst of the Church, and all the Writings on the Divine Will placed on it. Many venerable people surrounded that table and were transformed into Light and Divinized; and as they walked, they communicated that Light to whomever they encountered. Then Jesus added: “You, Luisa, will see this great Good from Heaven, when the Church will receive this Celestial Food, which will Strengthen Her and Make Her Rise again to Her Full Triumph.”


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