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Love with Magnanimous Love in the Divine Will


V34 – MAY 6, 1937 – “…passing to the Acts of the Redemption, I, Luisa, found myself immersed in His (Jesus’) Sufferings.

And my always Lovable Jesus, perhaps to convince me, made Himself seen in my interior in the Act of suffering the Sorrowful Crucifixion. I took part of His sufferings, and I died together with Him; His Divine Blood flowed, His Wounds were open.

And He, with a tender and moving accent, as to feel my heart burst, told me: “I am within you, I am yours, I am at your disposition. My Wounds, My Blood, all My sufferings are yours, you can do with Me what you want, rather, do it as magnanimous, as brave, as Lover, as My True Imitator. Take My Blood in order to give it to whomever you want. Take My Wounds in order to heal the wounds of sinners. Take My Life in order to give the Life of Grace, of Sanctity, of Love, of Divine Will, to all souls. Take My Death in order to make many souls dead in sin rise again. I give you all the freedom; do it, know how to be My daughter. I have given Myself and that is enough.

“You, think of making everything redound to My Glory, and of how to make Me be Loved. My Will will give you the flight in order to make you bring My Blood, My Wounds, My kisses, My Paternal Tendernesses, to My children and to your brothers. Therefore, do not marvel, this is truly the Divine Operation, to keep Its Works in the act of repeating them continuously in order to give them so as to make of them a Gift to the creatures. Each one can say: ‘Everything is mine, even God Himself is mine.’ And O! how We enjoy in seeing them gifted with Our Works, Possessors of their Creator.

“They are the Excesses of Our Love, that in order to be Loved We want to make touched how much We Love them and the Gifts that We want to give them. Then, for one who Lives in Our Volition, if We do not make a Gift of everything to them, We feel as if We would defraud the creature—and this We do not know how to do. Therefore, be attentive, let your soul be embalmed by Our Divine Peace, because We do not know what disturbance is, and all things will bring you the Smile, the Sweetness, the Love of your Creator.”


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