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A Magnanimous King, Full of Love and Infinite Generosity.



Christ’s Power is shown through His kingship that has its roots in the mystery of the Incarnation. “The Word  was made flesh” (John.1,14).

The Word of the Father, wrapped in the virginal purity of Mary’s womb, lays down the mantle of Justice and wears that of Mercy in favour of fallen man, bringing with Himself the key of salvation

Christ, with His Human and Divine Royalty, invites all mankind to rediscover the path of reconciliation and forgiveness.

A magnanimous King, full of love and infinite generosity, who washes away the wound of original sin and gives us salvation. This is the fruit of forgiveness that arose from His Passion, by His wounds and His Blood.

He is sitting at the right hand of God and continues His redemptive mission in the midst of His people confirming as in act, what he announced on earth: “The Kingdom of God is among you.” (Luke 17:21)

Now he invites us to recognize and conquer a Kingdom so holy “prepared for you from the foundation of the world”. (Mt 25:34)

The Kingdom that God gives us is the gift of His Will as life in every single man to return to live as a son in the Father’s Heart.

Jesus is the Kingdom of God in person. The Kingdom of God is present wherever he is present” (Benedict XVI from “Jesus of Nazareth”).

Sin erased the mark of mercy on the coin minted by the Divine Crucifix, on the royal throne of the Cross, but the merciful love of the Redeemer, won over sin and gave back what “He promised  to our fathers in remembrance of His mercy (Luke. 1.54 to 55).

The Divine King, collects onto Himself all the ills of mankind, to purify them and cover them with the balm of His love and His mercy. By virtue of His kingship, Christ wants to restore the image and likeness that was given to man in the Creation, in order to restore the kingdom that was lost because of original sin.

The Kingdom of God flows into the immense and infinite sea of the Will of the Father, in the Salvation always ‘in act’ accomplished by the Son, and in the Sanctifying and perennial Act of the Holy Spirit. Everything is concentrated on the Spirit of the Trinitarian Family from which springs the Kingdom.

For this purpose man was created, to participate by grace in all goods arising from the Trinitarian Kingdom

The Kingdom was announced  by Jesus who invited to beg for it, through the prayer of Church par excellence, the “Pater Noster” from which comes the promise to live the Divine Will “as in Heaven, so on earth.” (Mt 6:10)

It is important  that man dispose himself in order to acquire the eternal Kingdom,  but it is also necessary for him to acquire regime over himself and the dominion of his own passions.  Only in that way he can live of Christ and with Christ.

“This  is the meaning of being one with the Father’s Will.” (Benedict XVI)

The Jubilee of mercy let us to foretaste the first fruits of the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom on earth and the prelude to the triumph of  the “Fiat Voluntas Tua”  for all mankind.

“Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever”.


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