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The Strings of God’s Qualities that He Plays in Luisa and the Souls who Live in the Divine Will

Angel with Harp

November 22

V20 – December 15, 1927 – “…Now, You Must Know that each created thing contains a delight, one distinct from the other; and these delights were placed by Us, and were to serve Us to delight Ourselves and the creature. Now, in each created thing runs Our Love, and as you go through them, you make the little note of your love run. Don’t you want, then, in the face of so much Love of Ours, to place your little notes, your dots, your commas, your little strings that say ‘love’ and, harmonizing with Our Love, form the delight wanted by Us for Ourselves and for you?”

V20 – February 11, 1927 – As I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus made me see many strings in my interior—one close to the other, starting from a sphere, that was in the middle of these strings. Under this sphere it was empty, and in that empty space there was my sweet Jesus who, very often, touched those strings and played, but in such a harmonious and beautiful way, that it cannot be described.

Then, after He played His little sonata, He said: “My daughter, these strings are symbol of the soul in whom My Will reigns. I Myself delight in forming them and arranging them all in order. Look at them—how beautiful they are; each string has its distinct color, invested with light, in such a way that, all together, they form the most beautiful rainbow, all radiant with light. But do you want to know why each string has its distinct color? Because each one of them symbolizes one of My Divine Qualities—that is, My Attributes.

“So, I placed everything in order—the string of love, the string of goodness, the string of power, of mercy, of strength, of wisdom, of purity—in sum, everything; I have not excluded even the string of justice. So, when I want to love and be loved, I touch the string of love. Oh! how sweet is its sound—soft, penetrating, delightful, such as to shake Heaven and earth, investing the inmost fibers of all the beings in which My Will reigns. And I love, and am loved, because its sound draws and enraptures everyone to love Me; and I Myself, enraptured by My own Love, Love and put out oceans of love. This sound is so melodious as to make Me tolerate everything, and bear the great evils of the poor world.

“This sound makes Me move on to touch the string of goodness; and this sound calls the attention of all to receive the goods that My Goodness wants to put out and give to creatures. Speaking voices can be heard in this sound; it makes all stand at attention—sounds of surprise, of admiration, in hearing, in this sound of voices, the goods that I want to give. This sound, while making Me put out My goods, disposes the creatures to receive them. Therefore, every time I want to place one of My Attributes in office, I touch the string that belongs to it, and I place it in attitude.

“But do you know why I have disposed all these strings in you? Because wherever My Divine Will reigns, I want to find all of Myself and all the things that belong to Me; in such a way that, whatever I do in Heaven, I must be able to do in the soul in whom My Supreme Fiat dominates and reigns. I must have My throne, My melodies, so as to be able to vibrate the sound of mercy to convert souls, the sound of wisdom to make Myself known, the sound of My Power and Justice to make Myself feared. I must be able to say: ‘Here is My Heaven.’”

Psalms 32:2 – Give praise to the Lord on the harp; sing to him with the psaltery, the instrument of ten strings.


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