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Trinity Sunday

6/7 TRINITY SUNDAY (New/Trad) – Luisa: “…I received Communion.  I lost consciousness, and I saw, present before me, the Most Holy Trinity whom I had seen in Heaven.  I immediately prostrated myself at Their Presence, I adored Them, I confessed my nothingness.  I remember that I felt so sunken into myself that I did not dare to utter a single word, when a voice came out from Their Midst, and said:  “Do not fear, pluck up courage, We have Come to Confirm you as Our Own, and to Take Possession of your heart.”  While this Voice was saying this, I saw that the Most Holy Trinity Descended into my heart, and They Took Possession of it – and there They Formed Their Dwelling.  Who can say the change that occurred in me?  I felt Divinized; it was no longer I who lived, but They were Living in me.  It seemed to me that my body was like a Residence, and that the Living God was Residing in it, because I could feel, sensibly, Their Real Presence in my interior.”Vol 1

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