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The Bread of Knowledge of the Divine Will




Paragraph 50 – CHAPTER TWO GOD COMES TO MEET MAN – But there is another order of knowledge, which man cannot possibly arrive at by his own powers: the order of Divine Revelation. … CCC

Romans 11:33 – O the depth of the riches of the wisdom and of the knowledge of God! How incomprehensible are his judgments, and how unsearchable his ways! – Douay-Rheims Bible


V21 – 2.23.27 – “Now, My little daughter, while you were calling Me in the sea with all its voices, I listened to you and I said: ‘Let her go around through all created things, that she may gather them all together for Me; and then I will let Myself be found. In this way, I will be able to receive the visit of all My works, that are like as many children of Mine; and so, they will make Me happy, and I will make them happy.’ Therefore, the living in My Will contains indescribable surprises. I can say that wherever It reigns, the soul becomes My Happiness, My Joy, My Glory; and I prepare for her the banquet of Its knowledges, so that, making each other happy, we extend the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, that It may be known, loved and glorified. Therefore, I expect often these surprises of My little daughter, who brings Me the visit of the whole family that belongs to Me.

V24 – 4.6.28 – “My daughter, by her nature the creature cannot receive a great good, a light that has no boundaries, all together, but she must take it sip by sip, waiting to swallow the first sip to then have another one. And if she wanted to take everything together—poor one, she would be drowned and would be forced to put out what she cannot contain, waiting to first digest the little she has taken, for it to flow like blood in her veins, and for that vital humor to spread within her whole person, to then dispose herself to have another sip.

“Has this not been the order I have had with you, manifesting to you what regarded My Eternal Fiat little by little, starting from the first lessons, then the second, the third, and so on? And when you were chewing the first and you swallowed it, and it flowed like blood in your soul, I prepared for you the second lesson, and My Will formed the first acts of life in you. And I celebrated Its glory and fulfilled the purpose of Creation, anxiously waiting to be able to give you more sublime lessons, to fill you so much that you yourself would not know where to take from in order to repeat them.

“So I will do to form the Kingdom of My Divine Will. I will start from the first lessons that I have given you, and this is why I want that they begin to be known, that they may make their way, preparing and disposing souls, so that, little by little, they may yearn to listen to more lessons, in view of the great good they have received from the first ones. This is why I have prepared lessons so long about My Will—because It encloses the primary purpose for which man was created, as well as all things and the very life that man must carry out in It. So, without My Will, it is as if man did not have true life, but a life almost foreign to him and therefore full of dangers, of unhappiness and of miseries.

“Poor man, without the life of My Will—it would have been better for him if he had never been born. But, to his great misfortune, he does not even know his true life, because until now there has been no one who has broken the true bread of Its Knowledges, so as to form pure blood and allow Its true life to grow in the creature. They have broken for him a stale, medicated Bread that, if it has not made him die, has not let him grow healthy, vigorous and strong of a Divine Strength, as the Bread of My Will makes one grow.

“My Will is life and has the virtue of giving Its life; It is light and dispels darkness; It is immense and takes man from all sides to give him strength, happiness, sanctity, in such a way that everything is safe around him. Ah! you do not know what treasures of grace these knowledges conceal—what good they will bring to creatures; and this is why you do not have interest that they begin to make their way to give start to forming the Kingdom of My Will.”

V25 – 4.4.29 – “My daughter, the first who will do My Divine Will and will live in It, will be like the Yeast of Its Kingdom. The many Knowledges that I have manifested to you about My Divine Fiat will be like the flour for the bread, that, in finding the yeast, becomes fermented—as much flour as one puts in. But the flour is not enough—it takes the yeast and the water in order to form the true bread, to nourish the human generations.

“In the same way, the yeast of the few who live in My Divine Volition is necessary to Me, as well as the multiplicity of the knowledges about It, that will serve as the mass of light that will give all the goods that are needed in order to nourish and make happy all those who want to live in the Kingdom of My Divine Will. Therefore, do not worry if you are alone and few are those who know, in part, what regards My Divine Will; as long as the little portion of the yeast is formed, united to Its knowledges, the rest will come by itself.”

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