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Be at Peace


“My Jesus, help me; do not abandon me. O please! give me peace, that peace that You so much wanted me to possess.” – V29 – 2.15.31


V10 – 1.8.10 – “…Give yourself to my work, use the courage I have given you only for Me, and I will be all for you, and will repay you by giving you peace and grace.

V10 – 2.10.12 –…when the soul leaves everything, and operates and loves everything divinely, she enjoys my peace, and instead of having the sentinels and the eyes of the prickings, she has the sentinel of peace, which moves anything that can disturb her peace away from her; and the eyes of love, which put to flight and burn those who want to disturb her. Therefore they remain at peace with regard to that soul; they give her peace, and they place themselves at her disposal. It seems that the soul can say: ‘Nobody touch me, because I am divine, and I am fully of my sweet love, Jesus. Nobody dare to disturb my sweet rest with my Highest Good; and if you dare to, with the power of Jesus which is mine, I will put you to flight’.”

V27 – 10.18.29 – “My daughter, courage, I do not want you to afflict yourself. I want to see in your soul the peace and the joy of the Celestial Fatherland; I want your very nature to give of the fragrance of Divine Will, that is all peace and happiness. It would feel uncomfortable in you, and as though jeopardized in Its light and happiness, if perennial peace and happiness is not in you. And then, don’t you know that one who lives in My Divine Fiat forms two arms for herself? One is immutability, the other arm is firmness in operating continuously. With these two arms she keeps God clasped, in such a way that He cannot free Himself from the creature; not only this, but He enjoys her keeping Him clasped to herself. Therefore, you have no reason to afflict yourself, whatever the circumstances might be, when you have a God who is all your own. So, let your thought be to live in that Fiat that gave you life to form life in you, and I will take care of the rest.”

V27 – 11.20.29 – “My daughter, courage, do not lose peace; peace is My fragrance, My air, it is the effect that My breath produces. So, in the soul in whom there is no peace I do not feel I am in My Royal Palace—I feel uncomfortable. My very Divine Will, that is peace by nature, finds Itself like the sun when clouds advance against the light and prevent the sun from shining in its fullness over the earth. It can be said that when the soul is not all peace, whatever the circumstances might be, it is like a rainy day for her, and the Sun of My Will feels as though hindered from communicating to her Its life, Its heat, Its light. Therefore, calm yourself, and don’t form for Me clouds in your soul—they hurt Me, and I cannot say: ‘I am in this creature with perennial peace, with My joys, and with My light of My Celestial Fatherland.’

V29 – 5.10.31 – “Now, My daughter, to give and to receive are first and indispensable acts that, in clear notes, indicate that We love the creature and that she loves Us. But this is not enough—one must know how to receive by converting the good received into one’s nature, by eating it and masticating it thoroughly, in such a way as to convert the gift into the soul’s blood. This is Our purpose in giving Our Gifts—wanting to see the gift We gave converted into her nature, because then are Our Gifts not in danger, and We dispose Ourselves to give greater gifts; and the creature, having converted it into her nature, places Our Gift in safety, becomes the possessor of it, and will feel within herself the good, the fount, and the good received converted into her nature. And since Our Gifts are bearers of peace, of happiness, of invincible strength, of celestial air, she will feel within herself the nature of peace, of happiness, of Divine Strength, that will form in her the air of Heaven. This is the reason why, when I give you the great gift of My Word, then I remain silent; it is because I am waiting for you to nourish yourself and masticate My Word well, in such a way as to see in you, changed into your nature, what I have told you.”

V29 – 7.13.31 – “My daughter, one who lives in My Will becomes the peacemaker between God and the creatures. All of her acts, words, steps, her prayers, her little sacrifices, are like many bonds of peace between Heaven and earth; they are like peacemaking weapons, as she fights her Creator with weapons of peace and of love in order to disarm Him and render Him favorable, and change the scourges into mercy. And just as the human will formed the war, to wage war against He who had created it—not only this, but it broke the accord, the order and the peace—so My Will, with the strength of Its Omnipotence, reigning in the creature, converts what the creature does into bonds of accord, of order, of peace and of love. So, from her comes out as though a little white cloud that, surging, spreads and rises up to the Divine Throne; and bursting into as many voices for as many acts as she has done, it says: ‘Great God, peace I bring to You from the earth; and You—give me Your Peace, to bring it as bond of peace between You and the human generation.’ This little cloud ascends and descends, descends and ascends, and does the office of peacemaker between Heaven and earth.”

V29 – 11.4.31 – “…What I want is perennial peace in you, so that I may carry out what I want. If you are not at peace, I feel molested in My Work, and with difficulty, not with ease, I go along carrying out My Designs.”

Paragraph 2305 – III. Safeguarding Peace – 2305 Earthly peace is the image and fruit of the peace of Christ, the messianic
“Prince of Peace.” 100 By the blood of his Cross, “in his own person CCC

John 14:27 – Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, do I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid. – Douay- Rheims Bible


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