October 3 – Book of Heaven



luisa110/3/01 – Vol. 4
Luisa offers herself in a special way. There is no greater obstacle to the union with God than the human will.

Having received Communion, I was thinking of how to offer something more special to Jesus – how to prove my love and give Him more pleasure; so I said to Him: ‘My most beloved Jesus, I offer You my heart for your satisfaction and in eternal praise of You; and I offer You all of myself, even the tiniest particles of my body like as many walls to be placed before You in order to block any offense which might be given to You, accepting them all upon myself if it were possible, and for your pleasure, until the day of judgment. And since I want my offering to be complete and to satisfy You for all, I intend for all the pains which I will bear by receiving upon myself the offenses given to You, to repay You with all the glory which the Saints who are in Heaven were supposed to give You when they were on earth; that which the souls in Purgatory were supposed to give You, and that glory which all men, past, present and future, owe You. I offer them to You for all in general, and for each one in particular.’ As I finished speaking, all moved by this offering, blessed Jesus told me: “My beloved, you yourself cannot understand the great contentment you have given Me by offering yourself in this way. You have soothed all my wounds, and have given Me a satisfaction for all offenses, past, present and future. And I will take it into account for all eternity like a most precious gem which will glorify Me eternally; and every time I will look at it, I will give you new and greater eternal glory. My daughter, there is no greater obstacle which prevents the union between creatures and Myself, and which is opposed to my Grace, than one’s own will. You, by offering me your heart for my satisfaction, have emptied yourself of yourself; and because of your emptying yourself of yourself, I will pour all of Myself into you, and from your heart a praise will come to Me which will carry the same notes as the praise that my Heart gives to my Father continuously, to satisfy for the glory that men do not give Him.”

While He was saying this, I saw that by means of my offering, many rivulets were coming out of every part of me, which poured over blessed Jesus, who then, with impetus and greater abundance, pour them over the whole Celestial Court, over Purgatory and over all peoples. Oh, goodness of my Jesus, in accepting such a meager offering, and requiting it with so much grace! Oh, prodigy of the holy and pious intentions! If in all our works, even trivial, we made use of them, what traffic would we not produce? How many eternal properties would we not acquire? How much more glory would we not give to the Lord?

10/3/03 – Vol. 5
Jesus continues His life in the world, not only in the Most Holy Sacrament, but also in the souls who are in His Grace.

I was thinking about the Hour of the Passion in which Jesus took leave of His Mother to go to His death, and they blessed each other, and I was offering this Hour to repair for those who do not bless the Lord in everything, but rather, they offend Him, in order to impetrate all the blessings which are necessary for us to preserve ourselves in the grace of God, and to fill the void of the glory of God, as if all creatures were blessing Him. While doing this, I felt Him move in my interior, saying: “My daughter, in the act of blessing my Mother I also intended to bless each creature individually, and all in general, in such a way that everything is blessed by Me: thoughts, words, heartbeats, steps and movements made for Me. Everything – everything has been given value by my blessing. Even more, I tell you that everything good that creatures do, was all done by my Humanity, so that all the works of creatures might first be divinized by Me. Furthermore, my life, real and true, still continues in the world, not only in the Most Holy Sacrament, but in the souls who are in my Grace; and since the capacity of the creature is very limited, and one of them alone is unable to grab everything I did, I act in such a way as to continue my reparation in one soul, praise in another, thanksgiving in another; in some others my zeal for the salvation of souls, in another my sufferings, and so with all the rest. According to how they correspond to Me, I carry out my life within them. Therefore, think of what constraints and pains they put Me into – while I want to operate in them, they do not pay attention to Me.” Having said this, He disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.

10/3/06 – Vol. 7
Jesus speaks about simplicity.

As I was in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for just a little, and told me: “My daughter, simplicity fills the soul with Grace to the point of diffusing outside; so, if one wanted to constrain Grace within her, this could not be done. In fact, just as the Spirit of God, because He is most simple, diffuses everywhere without effort or strain, but rather, naturally; in the same way, the soul who possesses the virtue of simplicity diffuses Grace into others without even realizing it.” Having said this, He disappeared.

10/3/07 – Vol. 8
How one’s own self renders God a slave.

As I was in my usual state, blessed Jesus would not come, and I was tormented by the pain of His privation; and not only by this, but by the thought that my state of victim might no longer be Will of God. I seem to have become nauseating before God, worthy only of being abhorred. Then, while I was thinking of this, He came for just a little and told me: “My daughter, one who chooses his own self, even for one instant, represses Grace, becomes the master of himself, and renders God a slave.” Then He added: “The Will of God makes one take the divine possession, but obedience is the key to open the door and enter this possession.” Having said this, He disappeared.

10/3/08 – Vol. 8
As long as the soul is in the continuous attitude of operating good, Grace is with her.

This morning blessed Jesus made Himself seen – just a shadow, and told me: “My daughter, as long as the soul is in the continuous attitude of operating good, Grace is with her and gives life to all of her actions. If then she is indifferent to doing good, or she is in the act of doing evil, Grace withdraws, because it is not something that belongs to It, and unable to take part in it or to administer Its own life, sorrowful, It departs with great displeasure. Therefore, do you want Grace to be always with you, and my very life to form yours? Then remain in the continuous act of doing good. In this way you will have my whole Being developed in you, and will not have to grieve so much if sometimes you do not have my presence. In fact, you will not see Me, but will touch Me in all your acts; and this will soften, in part, the pain of my privation.”

10/3/18 – Vol. 12
How Justice must be balanced.LUISA-READING-HOLY-SCRIPTUE

I was praying blessed Jesus that He would placate Himself, and He came for just a little, and I said to Him: ‘My Love, Jesus, how awful it is to live in these times. Everywhere, one can hear tears and see pains. My heart is bleeding, and if your Holy Will did not sustain me, I certainly would not be able to live any longer. But, oh, how much sweeter death would be to me!’ And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, my Justice must be balanced. Everything in Me is in balance. However, the scourge of death touches souls with the mark of Grace, so much so, that almost all of them ask for the last Sacraments. Man has reached such a point that only when he sees his own skin being touched and feels he is being destroyed, he shakes himself; while the others, as long as they remain untouched, live lightheartedly and continue their life of sin. It is necessary that death harvest in order to take away many lives which do nothing other than make thorns sprout beneath their steps; and this, in all classes – lay and religious. Ah! my daughter, these are times of patience. Do not become alarmed, and pray that everything may abound to my Glory and to the good of all.”

10/3/22 – Vol. 14
Necessity that the Virgin be aware of the interior pains of Jesus.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt oppressed because blessed Jesus often allows that I suffer while the Confessor is here present; and I lamented to Him, telling Him: ‘My Love, I beg You, I implore You, do not allow again that I suffer in the presence of anyone. Let everything pass between me and You, and that You alone be aware of my pains. O please! make me content, give Me your word that You will not do it any more. Even more, make me suffer twice as much; I am happy, as long as everything is hidden between me and You.’

And Jesus, interrupting me, told me: “My daughter, do not lose heart; when my Will wants it, you too must surrender. Besides, this is nothing other than a step of my Life. My very hidden Life, my interior pains and everything I did, always had at least one or two spectators; and this, with reason, out of necessity, and in order to obtain the purpose of my pains themselves. The first spectator was my Celestial Father, from Whom nothing could escape; since He Himself was the One Who inflicted those pains upon Me, He was Actor and Spectator. If my Father had seen and known nothing, how could I satisfy Him, give Him Glory, and bend Him to Mercy for mankind at the sight of my pains? Their purpose would have failed.

Secondly, my Mama was spectator of all my pains of my hidden Life, and this was necessary. Having come from Heaven to earth to suffer, not for Myself, but for the good of others, I had to have at least one creature in whom I was to place that good which my pains contained, and therefore move my dear Mama to thank Me, to praise Me, to love Me and to bless Me, letting Her admire the excess of my Goodness; so much so that, captured, enraptured and moved at the sight of my pains, She prayed Me that in the face of the great good which my pains brought to Her, I would not exempt Her from being identified with my own pains in order to suffer them, to repay Me, and to be my perfect imitator. If my Mama had seen nothing, I would not have had my first imitator – not a ‘thank you’, no praise. My pains and the good they contained would have remained without effect because, since no one would have known them, I could not have made the first prop, and the purpose of the great good which the creature was to receive would have been lost. See how necessary it was that at least one creature be aware of my pains?

If for Me it was so, I want it to be so also for you. Even more, I tell you that I want the Confessor acting together with Me, as spectator and depository of the pains I make you suffer, so that he too may share in their good; and having him with Me, I may excite him more in the faith and infuse in him light and love, to make him comprehend the truths I keep manifesting to you.”

On hearing this I remained oppressed more than ever, and while I hoped for Mercy, I found Justice and unshakeability on the part of Jesus. Oh, God, what pain! In seeing me more afflicted, He added: “My daughter, is this the love you have for Me? Times are so very sad, and the troubles which are coming are too horrifying, and when you are not able to prevent the whole course of my Justice by yourself, you will be able to do it in two, and you yourself should ask Me to make you suffer. Therefore, resign yourself also in this and be patient – your Jesus wants it, and that’s enough.”

10/3/28 – Vol. 24

Exchange between Jerusalem and Rome.  In creating man, God placed as many seeds of happiness in him for as many things as He created.

My poor mind was thinking about many things regarding the Divine Will—especially about how Its Kingdom could come, how It could spread, and many other things that it is not necessary to write on paper.

And my Beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, if Rome has the primacy of My Church, she owes it to Jerusalem, because the beginning of Redemption was precisely in Jerusalem.  Within that homeland, from the little town of Nazareth I chose My Virgin Mother; I Myself was born in the little town of Bethlehem, and all of My Apostles were from that homeland.  And even though, ungrateful, she did not want to recognize Me and rejected the goods of My Redemption, it cannot be denied that the origin, the beginning, the first people who received the good of It, were from this city.  The first criers of the Gospel, those who established Catholicism in Rome, were My Apostles, all from Jerusalem—that is, from this homeland.

“Now there will be an exchange:  if Jerusalem gave to Rome the life of religion and therefore of Redemption, Rome will give to Jerusalem the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  And this is so true, that just as I chose a Virgin from the little town of Nazareth for the Redemption, so I have chosen another virgin in a little town of Italy belonging to Rome, to whom the mission of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat has been entrusted.  And since It must be known in Rome, just as My coming upon earth was known in Jerusalem, Rome will have the great honor of requiting Jerusalem for the great Gift received from her, which is Redemption, by making known to her the Kingdom of My Will.

“Then will Jerusalem repent of her ingratitude, and will embrace the life of the religion that she gave to Rome; and, grateful, she will receive from Rome the life and the great Gift of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  And not only Jerusalem, but all the other nations will receive from Rome the great Gift of the Kingdom of My Fiat, the first criers of It, Its Gospel—all full of peace, of happiness and of restoration of the creation of man.

“And not only will My manifestations bring sanctity, joys, peace and happiness, but the whole of Creation, competing with them, will unleash from each created thing each of the happinesses It contains, and will pour them over the creatures.  In fact, in creating man, We placed in his being all the seeds of the happinesses that each created thing possessed, disposing the interior of man like a field that contained all the seeds of happinesses; so much so, that he has within himself all the tastes to be able to savor and receive into himself all the happinesses of created things.  If man did not possess these seeds, he would lack the sense of taste, of smell, to be able to enjoy what God had put out of Himself in the whole Creation.

“Now, by sinning, man caused all these seeds of happiness that God had infused in him in creating him to fall ill, and therefore he lost the taste to be able to enjoy all the happinesses contained in Creation.  It happened as to a poor ill one, who cannot enjoy all the flavors contained in foods; on the contrary, he feels heaviness; food itself converts into pain; everything gives him nausea; and if he takes it, it is not because he enjoys it, but in order not to die.

“On the other hand, one who is healthy feels taste, strength, warmth, because his stomach has the strength to assimilate the goods contained in foods, and he enjoys them.  The same happened in man:  by sinning, he caused the seeds, and the very strength to be able to enjoy all the happinesses contained in Creation, to fall ill; and many times they convert into pain.

“Now, with the return of man into My Divine Fiat, the seeds will acquire health, and he will acquire the strength to assimilate and to enjoy all the happinesses present in the order of Creation.  So, a contest of happiness will begin for him; everything will smile at him, and man will return to be happy, as God had created him.”


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Moses and Luisa

How did Moses pray?

From Moses we learn that “praying” means “speaking with God”. At the burning bush God entered into a real conversation with Moses and gave him an assignment. Moses raised objections and asked questions. Finally God revealed to him his holy name. Just as Moses then came to trust God and enlisted wholeheartedly in his service, so we too should pray and thus go to God’s school.

The bible mentions Moses’ name 767 times so central is he as the liberator and lawgiver of the people of Israel. At the same time Moses was also a great intercessor for his people. In prayer he received his commission; from prayer he drew his strength. Moses had an intimate, personal relationship with God: “The Lord used to speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend” (Ex 33:11a). Before Moses acted or instructed the people, he withdrew to the mountain to pray. Thus he is the original example of contemplative prayer. (YOUCAT question 472)

Dig Deeper: CCC section (2574-2577) and other references here.




Volume 21 – April 8, 1927
How all the figures and symbols of the Old Testament symbolized the children of the Divine Will (linked to Luisa). How Adam, from a high point, fell to the lowest point.

        I (Luisa) was following the acts that the Divine Will had done in all Creation, and I was also searching for the Acts It had done in the First Father Adam, as well as all those It had done in all the Saints of the Old Testament, especially those in which the Supreme Volition had made Its Power, Its Strength, Its Vivifying Virtue, stand out.

And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), the greatest figures of the Old Testament, while being images that veiled the future Messiah, enclosed also the Gifts, the Image, and Symbolized All the Gifts that the children of the Supreme Fiat would Possess. When he was created, Adam was the True and Perfect Image of the children of My Kingdom.

Abraham was symbol of the Privileges and the Heroism of the children of My Divine Will. And calling Abraham to a Promised Land Flowing with milk and honey, making him the Owner of that Land, a land so Fecund as to be enviable and aspired to by all other nations—everything was symbol of what I (God) would do with the children of My Divine Will.

Jacob was another symbol of them; in fact, as the twelve tribes of Israel would descend from him, from their midst the future Redeemer was to be born, who was to bind again the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat to My children.

Joseph was symbol of the dominion that the children of My Divine Will would have; and just as he did not let many peoples—and also his ungrateful brothers—perish of starvation, so will the children of the Divine Fiat have dominion and be the ones who will not let the peoples perish that will ask for the bread of My Divine Will from them.

Moses was the Image of the Power (of the children of the Divine Will);

Samson, symbol of the Strength of the children of My Divine Will;

David symbolized the Reigning of them.

All the Prophets symbolized the Grace, the communications, the intimacies with God that, more than they did, the children of My Divine Fiat would Possess.

“See, all these were but symbols—images of them; what will happen when the Lives of these symbols will come out?

After all these came the Celestial Lady (Mary), the Sovereign Empress, the Immaculate, the Spotless—My Mother. She (Mary) was not Symbol or Image, but the Reality—the True Life, the First Privileged Daughter of My Divine Will; and in the Queen of Heaven I looked at the generation of the children of My Kingdom. She (Mary) was the First Incomparable Creature, who Possessed, Intact, the Life of the Supreme Volition, and therefore She deserved to conceive the Eternal Word, and to Mature within Her Maternal Heart the Generation of the children of the Eternal Fiat. Then came My very Life, in which the Kingdom was established that these fortunate children were to Possess.

“From all this you can comprehend how the Primary Purpose of everything that God did from the beginning of the Creation of the world, and that He does and will do, is to form the Kingdom of His Divine Will in the midst of creatures. These are all Our (The Triune God’s) aims—this is Our Divine Will; and to these children will all Our Goods, Our Prerogatives, Our Likeness, be Given. And if I (Jesus) call you (Luisa) to follow all the Acts that My Divine Will has done, both in the Creation of the Universe and in the Generation of the creatures, not excluding either those that It did in My Celestial Mother, or those that It did in My very Life, it is to Centralize all of Its Acts in you (Luisa), to give them to you (Luisa) as Gift, so as to be able to Release from you (Luisa), all together, the Goods that a Divine Will can Possess, in order to Form the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat with Decorum, Honor and Glory. Therefore, be attentive in following My Divine Will.”

Volume 18 – 8/9/25 – Now, while I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition in order to requite God in love for everything He had done in Creation for love of creatures, a thought was telling me that it was not necessary to do that; that this way of praying was not pleasing to my Jesus; that these are inventions of my mind.  And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, you must know that this way of praying – that is, to requite God in love for all the things created by Him – is a divine right, and it enters the first duty of the creature.  The Creation was made for love of man; even more, Our love was so great that, had it been necessary, We would have created as many heavens, as many suns, stars, seas, earths, plants and all the rest, for as many creatures as were to come to the light of this world, so that each one of them might have a Creation for herself, a universe of her own.  And, in fact, when everything was created, Adam was the only spectator of all Creation – he could enjoy all the good he wanted.  And if We did not do so, it was because man could enjoy everything anyway, as if it were his own, even if others also might enjoy it.  In fact, who cannot say, ‘the sun is mine’, and enjoy the light of the sun as much as he wants?  Or, ‘the water is mine’, and quench his thirst and make use of it there where he needs it?  Or, ‘the sea, the earth, the fire, the air, are my things’, and so with many other things created by Me?  And if it seems that man lacks something, that life suffers hardships, it is because of sin which, barring the way of my benefits, prevents the things created by Me from being abundant for the ungrateful creature.

So, given all this – that in all created things God bound His love toward each creature – hers was the duty to requite God with her little love, with her gratitude, with her ‘thank You’ to the One who had done so much for her.  Not requiting God in love for everything He has done for man in Creation, is the first fraud that the creature makes against God; it is to usurp His gifts without even recognizing where they come from, and the One who has loved her so much.  Therefore, this is the first duty of the creature, and this duty is so indispensable and important, that She who took to heart all Our glory, Our defense, Our interest, did nothing but go around through all the spheres, from the smallest to the greatest thing created by God, in order to impress Her requital of love, of glory, of thanksgiving, for all and in the name of all human generations.  Ah! yes, it was precisely my Celestial Mama who filled Heaven and earth with the requital for everything that God had done in Creation.  After Her came my Humanity, which fulfilled this duty so sacrosanct, in which the creature had so very much failed, and rendered my Celestial Father benevolent toward guilty man.  So, these were my prayers, and those of my inseparable Mama.  Don’t you want, then, to repeat my very prayers?  Even more, this is why I have called you into my Will – that you may associate yourself with Us, and follow and repeat Our acts.”

Volume 21 – 3/16/27 – (Jesus says to Luisa):  By withdrawing from My Will, man rejected a universal good; he took away from God the universal glory, adoration and love.  Now, in order to give back this Kingdom, these universal goods, first He wants, by right, a creature to whom, as she lives in this Fiat, He may communicate this universal act; and as she loves, adores, glorifies, prays, she may constitute herself, together with His very Will, universal love for all, adoration and glory for each creature; and diffusing her prayer as if each one were praying, she prays in a universal way that the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat may come into the midst of creatures.

“When a good is universal, universal acts are needed in order to obtain it, and only in My Will are there these acts.  As you love in It, your love extends wherever My Will is; and My Will feels your love in every place, It feels Itself followed everywhere, therefore It feels in you the original love, just as It had established for the creature to love It in the beginning of Creation.  It feels Its own echo in your love, that does not know how to love with little and finite love, but with infinite and universal love; It feels the first love of Adam before he sinned, when he did nothing but repeat the echo of the Will of His Creator; and It feels as though drawn by these universal acts that follow It everywhere, to come to reign again in the midst of creatures.

“This is why I have chosen you, My daughter—and from their same stock:  not only to manifest to you the knowledges, the goods, the prodigies of this Fiat, but so that, by living in It, with your universal acts, you might incline My Will to come to reign again in the midst of creatures, as in the beginning of Creation.  Therefore, to you it is given to unite everyone, to embrace everyone—so that, finding everyone and everything in you, just as everything is found in My Will, you may place harmony among them, they may exchange the kiss of peace, and My Kingdom will be restored in the midst of creatures.  Here, then, the necessity of the knowledges, of the wonders of My Divine Fiat:  to dispose the creatures, to attract them to desire, to want—to long for this Kingdom and the Goods that are in It; as well as the necessity that I first choose one creature, who, by living in My Will, with her universal acts that My Will Itself administers to her, which are Divine acts, may impetrate the Kingdom of My Fiat for creatures.

“I act like a king whose people have been rebellious against his laws.  Making use of his power, the king puts some in prison, some he sends into exile, he removes from some the right of possession—in sum, he gives to everyone the penalty that they justly deserve.  Now, in the long run, the king feels compassion for his people; he chooses one of his most faithful ministers, and opening up his sorrowful heart, he says to him:  ‘I want to trust you.  Listen:  I have decided to give you the mandate to call back to me the poor exiled ones, to release the prisoners, to give back the right to possess the goods that I removed from them.  If they are faithful to me, I will redouble their goods, their happiness.’

“And so he converses at length with this faithful minister, arranging everything that needs to be done; more so, since this minister was always after the king, praying him on behalf of his people, to give grace of forgiveness and reconciliation to all.  Then, after having arranged everything in secret, they call the other ministers, giving them the order to let the beautiful news reach the people, in the prisons, in the exile:  how the king wants to make peace with them; how he wants each one to return to his place; and all the good that the king wants to give them.  And as the beautiful news spreads, they desire, they long for, they dispose themselves with their acts to receive their freedom and the kingdom they had lost.  And while the news is spreading, the faithful minister is always after the king, beseeching him with incessant pleas to let the people receive the good established between the two of them.

“This is precisely what I have done; in fact, what can be done between two, one on one, in the secrecy of the sorrow and of the love of two beings who love each other and who want the same good, cannot be done with many.  A secret sorrow and love of your Jesus, united with the soul whom I choose, has such power:  I give, and she impetrates what is needed.  The secret between Me and you has matured the many knowledges I have given you about the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat; it has made your many acts rise again in It.  The secret between Me and you has allowed Me to pour out My sorrow, so long, and of so many centuries, in which, while My Will was in the midst of creatures, and was Life of each one of their acts, they did not recognize It, keeping It in a state of continuous agony.

“My daughter, a sorrow of Mine, poured out in the secrecy of the heart of one who loves Me, has the virtue of changing justice into mercy; and My bitternesses change into sweetnesses.  Then, after I trusted you, arranging everything together with you, I called My Ministers, giving them the order to make known to the people the beautiful news about My Supreme Fiat—the many knowledges about It:  how I call everyone, that they may come into My Kingdom, get out of the prison—of the exile of their will, take possession of the lost goods, so as to live no longer unhappy and as slaves of the human will, but happy and free in My Divine Will.

“And just as this secret has had the virtue of allowing us to tell each other, heart to heart, the many wonderful manifestations about the Eternal Fiat, as this long secret of ours comes out, it will have such impact on the people that, amazed, they themselves will pray with sighs that My Kingdom may come to put an end to all their evils.”

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October 1st Readings


10/1/99 – Vol. 2

Jesus speaks with bitterness about the abuses of the Sacraments.

This morning lovable Jesus continued to make Himself seen in silence, but with a most afflicted appearance; He had a thick crown of thorns driven onto His head. I felt my interior powers silent and I did not dare to say a single word; but in seeing that He suffered very much in His head, I stretched out my hands and, very carefully, removed the crown of thorns. But, what a bitter spasm He suffered! How His wounds opened more and His blood poured out in torrents! In truth, it was something that tortured the soul. After I removed it, I placed it on my head, and He Himself helped so that it might penetrate inside; however, everything was silence on both parts. LUISA PRAYING

But, what was my surprise when, after a little while, I went about looking at Him again, and I saw that with their offenses creatures were putting another crown on the head of Jesus! Oh, human perfidy! Oh, incomparable patience of Jesus, how great you are! And Jesus kept silent, and almost did not look at them so as not to know who His offenders were. Again I removed it, and as all my interior powers woke up with tender compassion, I said to Him: ‘My dear Good, my sweet Life, tell me a little bit – why do You no longer tell me anything? You have never been used to hiding your secrets from me. O please! Let us speak together a little, for in this way we will pour out a little bit the sorrow and the love that oppress us.’

And He: “My daughter, you are the relief for my pains. However, know that I do not tell you anything because you always force Me not to chastise the people. You want to oppose my Justice, and if I do not do as you want, you remain disappointed, and I feel more pain for not keeping you content. Therefore, in order to avoid displeasures on both our parts, I keep silent.” And I: ‘My good Jesus, have You perhaps forgotten that You Yourself suffer after You have made use of your Justice? It is seeing You suffer in the creatures themselves that makes me more than ever alert in forcing You not to chastise the people. And then, seeing the creatures themselves turning against You like many poisonous vipers, such that they would almost take your life if it were in their power, because they see themselves under your scourges, and they irritate your Justice even more… I don’t have the heart to say Fiat Voluntas Tua.’

And He: “My Justice can take no more. I feel wounded by everyone – by priests, by devout people, by the secular, especially because of the abuse of the Sacraments. Some do not care about them at all, adding despises; others, who attend them, turn them into a conversation for their own pleasure; and others, not satisfied in their whims, because of this reach the point of offending Me. Oh, how tortured my Heart is in seeing the Sacraments reduced to painted pictures, or like those statues of stone which seem to be alive and operating from afar, but as one draws near them, one begins to discover the deceit. Then, one goes about touching them, and what does he find? Paper, stone, wood – inanimate objects; and here is how they are disillusioned completely. This is how the Sacraments have been reduced for the most part – there is nothing but mere appearance. What to say, then, about those who remain more filthy than clean? And then, the spirit of interest that reigns among the religious – it is something to be wept over! Don’t you think that they are all eyes where there is a most wretched penny, to the point of degrading their dignity? But where there is no interest they have no hands nor feet to move a tiny bit. This spirit of interest fills their interior so much that it overflows outside, to the point that the secular themselves feel the stench of it, are scandalized by it, and this causes them to give no credence to their words. Ah, yes, no one spares Me! There are some who offend Me directly, and some who, though they could prevent so much evil, do not bother doing it; so, I do not know to whom to turn. But I will chastise them in such a way as to render them incapable, and some I will destroy completely. They will reach such a point that churches will remain deserted, with no one to administer the Sacraments.”

Interrupting Him, all frightened I said: ‘Lord, what are You saying?! If there are some who abuse the Sacraments, there are also many good daughters who receive them with the due dispositions, and who would suffer very much if they could not attend them.’ And He: “Too scarce is their number; and then, their pain for not being able to receive them will work as reparation for Me, and to make them victims for those who abuse them.” Who can say how tormented I was left by these words of blessed Jesus? But I hope that He will placate Himself out of His infinite Mercy.

10/1/10 – Vol. 9
Love for Jesus forms the transformation of the soul in Him.

LUISA14Having received Communion I felt all transformed in blessed Jesus, and I said to myself: ‘How can one maintain this transformation with Jesus?’ And in my interior it seemed that Jesus was saying: “My daughter, if you want to be always transformed in Me – even more, to be one single thing with Me – love Me always and you will maintain your transformation with Me. In fact, love is fire, and whatever woods are thrown into the fire, small or big, green or dry, they all take the form of fire and convert into fire itself; and after these woods have been burned, one can no longer discern which wood was one and which another, neither the green one nor the dry one – one can see nothing but fire. The same when the soul never ceases to love Me. Love is fire that transmutes the soul in God; love unites, its flames invest all of the human operations and give them the form of the divine operations.”

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St. Therese of Lisieux


My Novena Rose Prayer

O Little Therese of the Child Jesus
Please pick for me a rose
from the heavenly garden
and send it to me
as a message of love.

O Little Flower of Jesus,
ask God to grant the favors
I now place with confidence
in you hands
( mention your special prayer request here )

St. Therese, help me to always believe
as you did, in God’s great love for me,
so that I may imitate your “Little Way” each day.

Novena Prayer

Picture of St. Therese courtesy of Chant Art

Most gracious Little Rose Queen, remember your promises of never letting any request made to you go unanswered, of sending down a shower of roses, and of coming down to earth to do good. Full of confidence in your power with the Sacred Heart, I implore your intercession in my behalf and beg of you to obtain the request I so ardently desire: (mention it).

Holy “Little Therese,” remember your promise “to do good upon earth” and shower down your “roses” on those who invoke you. Obtain for us from God the graces we hope for from His infinite goodness. Amen.

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Book of Heaven


9/30/00 – Vol. 4 – Jesus asks her to console His afflicted Mama.  Luisa_Piccarreta_5

This morning my most sweet Jesus was not coming, and I had to have much patience in waiting for Him; I even reached the point of trying to go out of my usual state, for I felt no more strength to continue it. He was not coming, suffering seemed to have fled from me, I felt my senses within myself – there was nothing left but to add an effort to go out. But while I was doing this, blessed Jesus came, and forming a circle with His arms, He took my head in the middle. At that touch, I no longer felt myself within myself, and I saw Our Lord very indignant with the world. As I wanted to placate Him, He said to me: “Do not want to occupy yourself with Me for now, but I pray you to occupy yourself with my Mama. Console Her, for She is very afflicted because of the heavier chastisements I AM about to pour upon the earth.” Who can say how afflicted I remained?

9/30/30 – Vol. 28 – Eden, field of light.  Difference between one who operates in the Divine Will and one who operates in the human will.  The little ground of the creature; the Celestial Sower.

I was continuing my usual acts in the Divine Volition, and my poor mind paused in Eden, where God created man to give Origin to the Life of the creature.

And my beloved Good, Jesus, making Himself seen all Tenderness and Goodness, told me:  “My daughter, Eden is field of light in which Our Supreme Being created man.  It can be said that he was created in the Light of Our Fiat; his First Act of Life was Light, such that, as an interminable Field of Light would extend behind and before him, to the right and to the left, he was to follow his way in order to form his Life, drawing into his Acts as much Light for as many Acts as he would do, so as to form a Light all his own, as his property by Virtue of his Acts, though drawn from My Divine Will.

“Now, here is the difference of one who operates in It as his Origin and end, in which all of his acts are bound to the Origin of the Light where his Life was formed and had its First Act of Life.  The Light keeps this Life in custody, defends It, and lets nothing extraneous enter into Its light, so as to form one of the portents that only the Light knows how to form.  On the other hand, one who goes down from this Light enters into the dark prison of his will, and in doing his act, he draws darkness; and he draws as much darkness for as many acts as he forms, to form for himself a property all of darkness, all his own.

“Darkness does not know how to keep or defend one who lives in it; and if one does any good act in it, it is always tenebrous, because they are bound by darkness; and since darkness does not have the virtue of being able to defend, things enter that are extraneous to darkness itself; the bothers of weaknesses enter, the enemies of passions, the fierce thieves that hurl the creature into sin and reach the point of hurling her into eternal darkness, where there is no hope of Light.  What difference between one who Lives in the Light of My Divine Will and one who lives as though imprisoned in his human will.”

Luisa holding CrucifixAfterwards, I continued to follow the order of the Divine Will, that It had in Creation, and my little and poor intelligence paused at the point when God created the Immaculate Virgin.  And my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), all the good and holy acts of the prophets, the patriarchs, and of the ancient people, formed the ground in which the Supreme Being sowed the Seed in order to make germinate the Life of the Celestial Baby Mary, because Her Seed was taken from the human stock.  The Virgin, having within Herself the Operating Life of the Divine Will, expanded this ground with Her Acts, Fecundated it and Divinized it.  She made flow in it, more than beneficial and refreshing Rain, the Sanctity of Her Virtues, the Heat of Her Love; and darting through it with the Light of the Sun of the Divine Will that She possessed as Her own, She prepared the ground to germinate the Celestial Savior; and Our Divinity opened Heaven and made the Just One, the Holy One, the Word, rain down into this Shoot.  And so My Life was formed, human and Divine, to form the Redemption of mankind.

“See, then, in all Our Works, directed for the Good of creatures, We want to find a shelf, a place, a little ground in which to lay Our Work and the Good We want to give to creatures.  Otherwise, where do We put it?  In the air?—without one at least who would know it and would draw Us with her acts, forming her little ground; and We, as the Celestial Sower, sowing the Good We want to give?  If this were not so—that on both sides, Creator and creature, they feel drawn together:  she, preparing herself to receive with her little acts; and God, by giving—it would be as if We did, or wanted to give, nothing to the creature.  So, the acts of the creature prepare the ground for the Divine Sower.  If there is no soil, there is no sowing to hope for; no one goes to sow if he does not have a little ground; much less does God, Celestial Sower, cast the Seed of His Truths, the Fruit of His Works, if He does not find the little ground of the creature.  The Divinity, in order to operate, first wants to place Itself in agreement with the soul; after We have agreed together and We see that she wants to receive that Good, to the point of praying Us and forming for Us the ground in which to lay it—then, with all Love, We give it.  Otherwise, it would be like exposing Our Works to uselessness.”

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Volume 29 – September 29, 1931

Growth of the creature before the Divine Majesty.  The living in the Divine Will is Gift that God will give to the creature.

LUISA14I was doing my round in the Divine Will in order to follow Its many acts done for love of us; and as I arrived at Eden, I paused in that act in which God created man.  What solemn moments, what ardor of Love!  So, that act can be called a most pure, complete, substantial, never interrupted act of Divine Love.  Therefore, man was formed, had his origin, was born, in the Love of his Creator; it was right that he should grow as though kneaded and breathed upon, like a little flame, by the breath of the One who so much loved him.

But while I was thinking of this, my most sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, told me:  “My daughter, the creation of man was nothing other than an outpouring of Our Love—but so great, that he could not receive it all within himself, not having the capacity to be able to enclose in his interior an act of He who was issuing him to the light.  So, Our Act remained inside and outside of him, that it might serve him as nourishment in order to grow before He who with so much Love had created him, and who so much loved him.  And since it was not only Our Love that poured out in creating man, but all of Our Divine Qualities, therefore the Power, the Goodness, the Wisdom, the Beauty, and so forth, poured out.  So, Our Love was not content with loving him, but pouring out all of Our Divine Qualities, It left the table always prepared and at man’s disposal, so that, each time he wanted to, he could come to sit at this Celestial table to nourish himself with Our Goodness, Power, Beauty, Love and Wisdom, and so grow before Us with Our same Divine Qualities, with the model of Our Likeness.  And each time he came into Our Presence to take Our sips of Our Divine Qualities, We would rock him on Our knees to let him take rest, and let him digest what he had taken, so that he might again nourish himself of Our Divine Outpourings to form his complete growth of goodness, of power, of sanctity, of beauty, as Our Love desired and Our Will wanted.

“When We do a work, Our Love is so great, that We give and prepare everything, so that nothing may be lacking to Our Creative Work.  We do complete works, never by half; and if it seems that something is missing, it is the part of the creature, who does not take everything that We have put out for her good and for Our Glory.”

Then, I continued to think about the Divine Will, and my beloved Jesus added:  “My daughter, the living in My Will is a Gift that We give to the creature—great Gift that surpasses in value, in sanctity, in beauty and in happiness all other gifts, in an infinite and unreachable way.  When We give this Gift so great, We do nothing other than open the doors to make her the possessor of Our Divine Possessions—the place in which passions, dangers, have no more life; nor can any enemy harm her or do her evil.  This Gift confirms the creature in good, in love, in the very Life of her Creator; and the Creator remains confirmed in the creature; therefore, the inseparability takes place between one and the other.  With this Gift the creature will feel her lot changed:  from poor to rich, from ill to perfectly healed, from unhappy, she will feel that all things change for her into happiness.

“To live in Our Will as Gift greatly differs from doing It; the first is prize, and Our Decision to win the creature, with an invincible and irresistible force; to fill the human will with Our own in a sensible way, in a way that she will touch with her own hand, and with clarity, the great good that comes to her, such that only someone who is insane would flee from such a great good.  In fact, for as long as the soul is a pilgrim one, the doors do not close behind the Gift, but remain open, so that, freely, not being forced, she may live in Our Gift; more so, since Our Will will not give this Gift by necessity, but because It loves her, and It is fully her own.

“On the other hand, to do Our Will is not prize, but duty and necessity, to which, willingly or unwillingly, she must submit; and the things that are done out of duty and out of necessity, if they can be shunned, are shunned, because in them does not enter the spontaneous love that makes one love and recognize Our Will as worthy of being be loved and known.  The necessity hides Its good that It contains, and makes one feel the weight of the sacrifice and of the duty.  On the other hand, the living in Our Will is not sacrifice, but conquest; it is not duty, but love.  She feels, in Our Gift, her own self dissolved within It, and she loves It not only as Our Will, but also because It is exclusively hers; and by not giving It the first place, the regime, the dominion, she would not love herself.

“Now, My daughter, this is what We want to give to creatures—Our Will as Gift, because by looking at It and possessing It as one’s own thing, it will turn out easy to let It form Its Kingdom.  This Gift was given to man in Eden, and, ungrateful, he rejected It back to Us.  But We did not change Our Will—We keep It reserved, and what one rejects, with more surprising graces We keep prepared to give It to others.  Nor do We care about the time, because centuries for Us are like one single point.  However, great preparations are needed on the part of creatures—to know the great good of the Gift in order to long for It.  But the time will come when Our Will will be possessed as Gift by the creature.”

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Feast of the Archangels – September 29


9_29_archangelsl   Introduction to the Angels

  Since ancient times the Angels have been venerated with great respect. With the rise of New Age and Occultism comes an urgent need to understand these celestial benefactors in the light of our Catholic faith and tradition.

    Angels are pure spirits, sinless servants of God. “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent to minister for them who shall receive the inheritance of salvation?” Heb. 1:13-14. The Angels are comprised of 9 choirs; Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Powers, Virtues, Principalities, Archangels and Angels. Particularly powerful are the 7 great Archangels spoken of in Apoc VIII:2 “And I saw 7 Angels standing in the presence of God”.

    When Luciel (Bearer of Light) rebelled against God and became Lucifer (Prince of Darkness) one entire choir of angels followed him and was lost. Many angels from other choirs also followed him in his rebellion. “And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought, and his angels: And they prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven. And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and satan, who seduceth the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.” Apoc 12:7-9

    7 angels from the second lowest choir were so outraged by the terrible offense to the dignity of the Most High they positioned themselves between the Throne of God and the infernal offenders, prepared to defend the honor and dignity of God, in spite of their inferiority to Lucifer and his legions. God was so moved by their heroic love he elevated them, enriching them with many new gifts and graces. So lofty was their new office that they were given the privilege of standing eternally before the Throne of God to carry out the Divine Will. “And from the throne proceeded lightnings and voices and thunders; and there were seven lamps burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God.” Apoc 4:5. “Bless the Lord all ye His angels: you that are mighty in strength and execute His word, hearkening to the voice of His orders.” Ps 102:20

    The names of the 3 most commonly invoked Archangels, St. Michael, St. Raphael and St. Gabriel are found in Sacred Scripture. Unlike sects tied to a Bible-only understanding of God and creation we have sacred tradition, the writings of the saints and private revelation to expand our understanding and enlighten us.

    In 1050 St. Celias made an exhaustive study of the approved writings of the Early Church Fathers up to the 4th century. In this way we have come to know the names of all 7 of these mighty Archangels, the meaning of their names and the sacrament each is patron of.

    Since the 4th century these 7 Archangels have been honored in the Roman Martyrology. In Mettenheim Bavaria is the Catholic Church dedicated to the Seven Great Archangels. It is now over 250 years old. On the 18th of October 1720, this church was dedicated. Each of the 7 Archangels was mentioned by name in the consecration prayer by Rev. Franz Wagensberg, Bishop of Salzberg. Inside the church are 7 altars, each dedicated to one of the Archangels with a statue of the Archangel it was dedicated to. The dedication by a legitimate Catholic Bishop is additional proof of the correctness of the names and an encouragement to active devotion to these angels!

    Pope Pius V said in his Bull to the Spanish Clergy, permitting and encouraging the worship of the seven archangels: “One cannot exalt too much these seven rectors of the world, figured by the seven planets, as it is consoling to our century to witness by the grace of God the cult of these seven ardent lights, and of these seven stars reassuming all its luster in the Christian republic.” (Les Sept Esprits et l’Histoire de leur Culte; De Mirville’s 2nd memoir addressed to the academy. Vol. II. p. 358.)

    Michelangelo was ordered to adorn the church dedicated to Mary and the Seven Archangels, with a fresco of 7 Archangels on the altar, in Rome in the 16th century. In addition, the liturgy to Seven Archangels has been confirmed and was still in use around 1800 and has not been abolished, only it is not being practiced.

     Below is the fresco of Mary amidst the Seven Archangels, in St Maria Degli Angeli in Rome from the web page: http://www.santamariadegliangeliroma.it.

     Originally, during the reign of Pope Gregor XIII it was intended to build seven separate chapels there, dedicated to each of the Seven Archangels.

7 archangels

St. Michael’s Name Means “Who is like unto God?”

 Patron of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.  77283

He is Leader of the Armies of Heaven. As a warrior he defends not only our souls against the infernal enemy when we call on him, but he also defends Our Lord, Who is helpless in the Blessed Sacrament. This is a portent of his authority to punish those who sin against this Sacrament.

Prayer: St. Michael the Archangel defend us in this day of battle! Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell satan and all the evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls! Amen

~ composed by Pope Leo XIII after seeing a vision of the Church in our day

Oh holy St. Michael come to our aid with all the holy angels! Teach us to keep the faith in these times of darkness! Inspire us to fight for our souls and the souls of others! Teach us to win in silence and obedience to God. Teach us to love and be faithful to Mary, Queen of the Angels! Amen

 St. Gabriel’s Name Means “God Conquers/ the Might of God”

St. Gabriel

Patron of the Sacrament of Baptism

St. Gabriel is the Archangel of the Annunciation and the Incarnation’s triumph over sin & death. His lilies represent the new purity of the soul through the sacraments of Baptism and Confession, both sacraments made possible by the Redemption. His banner is a declaration of Our Lady’s universal motherhood.


Heavenly Father, through the salutation of the Archangel Gabriel, may we honor the Incarnation of Your Divine Son. Through his faithful intercessions may we strive always to imitate the holy virtues of the Mother of our Savior and respond to our Father, “Be it done unto me according to Thy Word”. Archangel Gabriel, please praise our Father for the gift of His Son, praying, one day by His grace, through His Mother, we may all be one fold, one Church, one Shepherd. Amen

~ adapted from the chaplet of St. Gabriel

Oh holy St. Gabriel come to our aid with your legion of angels! Help us to become good servants of Our Lord! Help us to regain and preserve our Baptismal purity that we may become His worthy servants. When we fall, guide us to repentance and confession that we may restore it! Through your intercessions help our souls become havens of peace where Our Lord and Our Lady love to come and rest. Amen


St. Raphael’s Name Means “God Heals/ the Healing of God”

Patron of the Sacrament of Penancest.Raphael-the-Archangel

Raphael carries a jug of oil for annointing. The fish traditionally symbolizes the soul and the oil the healing of it’s ailments through confession. The fish is also a reminder of the story of his protection of young Tobias and healing his father Tobit. (see the book of Tobit in the Old Testament for his story; only a Catholic bible will contain this


St. Raphael the Archangel

You are Raphael the Healer,

You are Raphael the Guide,

You are Raphael the Companion,

Ever at human sorrow’s side.

St. Raphael, Angel of health, of true conjugal love, of joy and Divine light, pray for us! Amen

~from the chaplet of St. Raphael

Oh holy St. Raphael come to our aid with your legion of angels! May your strength and love grow within us. Intercede for us that the love of God and the Immaculata may reign in our hearts and triumph over the hatred and uncleanness spread in the world by the evil spirits. Amen


archangel-gabriel-imageNow, child of my Heart, pay attention to Me and listen: several days before the descent of the Eternal Word upon earth, I could see Heaven opened and the Sun of the Divine Word at Its doors, as though to look out for the one upon whom He was to take His flight, to render Himself Celestial Prisoner of one creature. Oh, how beautiful it was to see Him at the doors of Heaven, as though on the lookout to spy the fortunate creature who was to host her Creator! The Sacrosanct Trinity no longer looked at the earth as alien to It, because there was little Mary who, by possessing the Divine Will, had formed Its Divine Kingdom in which the Word could safely descend, as in His own residence, in which He would find Heaven and the many suns of the many acts of Divine Will done within my soul. The Divinity overflowed with love, and removing the mantle of Justice which It had worn with the creatures for so many centuries, It covered Itself with the mantle of infinite mercy, and decreed the descent of the Word… and It was now in the act of sounding the hour of fulfillment! At this sound, Heaven and earth were astounded, and all stood at attention, to be spectators of such a great excess of love, and a prodigy so unheard-of.

Your Mama felt ignited with love, and echoing the love of my Creator, I wanted to form one single sea of love, so that the Word might descend upon earth within it. My prayers were incessant, and while I was praying in my little room, an Angel (Gabriel) came, sent from Heaven as messenger of the great King. He came before Me, and bowing, he hailed Me: “Hail, O Mary, our Queen; the Divine Fiat has filled You with grace. He has already pronounced His Fiat, for He wants to descend; He is just behind my shoulders, but He wants your Fiat to form the fulfillment of His Fiat.”

At such a great announcement, so much desired by Me – although I had never thought I was to be the chosen one – I was stupefied and I hesitated one instant. But the Angel of the Lord told Me: “Do not fear, our Queen, for You have found grace before God. You have conquered your Creator; therefore, to complete the victory – pronounce your Fiat.”

I pronounced my Fiat, and – oh, marvel! – the two Fiat fused together and the Divine Word descended into Me. My Fiat, which received the same value as the Divine Fiat, from the seed of my humanity, formed the tiny little Humanity which was to enclose the Word, and so the great prodigy of the Incarnation was accomplished.



Most Holy Virgin, lovable Mother, come to my aid, obtain for me from your sweet Jesus and mine, grace and St. Raphael and Tobiasarchangelstrength in order to do this obedience. Saint Joseph, my dear protector, assist me in this circumstance of mine. Archangel Saint Michael, defend me from the infernal enemy, who puts so many obstacles in my mind to make me fail this obedience. Archangel Saint Rafael and you, my guardian Angel, come to assist me and accompany me, and to direct my hand, that I may write nothing but the truth.

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Fifth Marian Dogma

The Fifth Marian Dogma: The Church’s Unused Weapon


by Dr. Mark Miravalle and Richard L Russell on September 24, 2013

Pope Francis will be welcoming the Our Lady of Fatima statue from Portugal to the Vatican next month.  He plans to use the occasion to consecrate the world in to the Immaculate Heart of Mary—as Pope John Paul II had done in 1984 and 2000—just as the Blessed Mother had requested in her 1917 apparition to three shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal in order to foster world peace.  Indeed, with the crises in Syria and Egypt boiling and threatening to spillover to neighboring states, the looming crisis over Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program, and Russia’s growing anti-western foreign policy stance and a more assertive role in the rapidly deteriorating Middle East, Pope Frances’ consecration to Our Lady of Fatima is urgently needed.

While the Marian apparition at Fatima is widely and rightly acknowledged among Catholics for its heavenly offer of assistance to humanity, another and more recent apparition with an offer of another mighty weapon for the Church’s spiritual arsenal goes unused.  Just as the Fatima apparitions occurred at the closing stages of World War I, other and just as significant apparitions occurred at the ending of World War II in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Those apparitions had even more to say about the future of international politics than those at Fatima and were given by the Blessed Mother in some 56 appearances to a humble Dutch woman from 1945 to 1959.  The apparitions after investigation and discernment were courageously declared in 2002 by the bishop of Amsterdam, Jozef Marianus Punt, as worthy of belief.  Tragically, Bishop Punt’s declaration has been largely ignored by much of the Church hierarchy and the faithful.

The Blessed Mother in the Amsterdam apparitions called herself “The Lady of All Nations” and warned of a coming age of “degeneration, disaster, and war.”  But she offered help if Catholics would petition the Holy Father to proclaim the fifth and final Marian dogma with Mary as “advocate, mediatrix, and co-redemptrix.”  That proclamation would be the capstone of the Church’s four “dogmas” or solemnly pronounced doctrines about the Virgin Mary.  First, Mary is the Mother of God (Council of Ephesus, 431).  Second, she is a Perpetual Virgin (Lateran Council, 649).  Third, Mary was conceived without original sin, or her “Immaculate Conception” (Bl. Pius IX, 1854).  And fourth, Mary was assumed body and soul into heaven, or her “Assumption” (Pius XII, 1950).

The Lady of All Nations promised that the proclamation of the fifth and final Marian dogma would bring about a descent of the Holy Spirit in a fashion akin to the Pentecost and the founding of the Holy Catholic Church after Christ’s Ascension from earth to heaven.  To prepare the world for this mysterious new Pentecost, the Lady of All Nations asked the faithful to share the image of her apparition in Amsterdam and to daily recite a short prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now your Spirit over the earth.  Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster, and war.  May the Lady of All Nations, the Blessed Virgin Mary, be our Advocate.  Amen.

When one takes a glance at the world stage today, one sees the world in a state of degeneration, disaster, and war just as the Lady of All Nations had warned in Amsterdam decades ago.  She revealed, for example, that the world’s climate would drastically change long before anyone ever uttered the words “climate change” as we commonly do today.  Climate change is now on pace to happen 10 times faster than any change recorded in the past 65 million years, according to a team of Stanford University professors.  Meanwhile, societies are crumbling, economies are failing such as the European Union’s monetary experiment, political chaos and violence are increasing, especially in the Middle East where Syria has used chemical weapons against civilians, all of which seems to be tearing the world apart.  Social scientists have impressively harnessed information technology to graphically show the growing frequency and intensity of turmoil, protests, and violence since 1979 in the world.  All of these events conform to the warnings of those given by the Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam to prove the authenticity of the apparitions there.

With the world’s descent into political, military, economic, environmental, and societal chaos, it behooves Catholics to contemplate the fifth Marian dogma as an unused weapon in the Church’s arsenal.  The popes of Catholic Church, based on scripture and tradition, have officially taught over the course of centuries that the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, is also the Spiritual Mother of All Peoples.  Mary performs this role as spiritual mother to humanity in three basic ways: as advocate, mediatrix, and co-redemptrix.

Our Lady’s role as advocate simply confirms that this mother intercedes for our wants and needs with a maternal perseverance and power beyond that of any of the other saints.  Mary brings the needs of mankind to the throne of Christ.  She is the principal intercessor on behalf of her earthly children, and as queen, she has the greatest possible intercessory power to Jesus, the king of the kingdom of God, for humanity’s needs.  In the Old Testament, the queen mother of the king had the greatest power of intercession to her son, the king in the line of David, on behalf of the Jewish people.  In the New Testament, Mary is the new queen mother who gives birth to the “king of kings,” and is crowned as the queen and advocate in the kingdom of God to become the greatest intercessor for the people of God to Christ the King.  For this role of interceding for humanity, Mary is called the “advocate,” her most ancient title, dating back to the 2nd Century.

Mary is the mediatrix for humanity who spiritually nourishes her earthly children by dispensing the graces of salvation.  At the Wedding of Cana, Mary interceded to bring the graces of Jesus to all of humanity.  She “mediated” or interceded to bring Jesus himself, the source of all graces, into the world.  Mary too was appointed by Jesus himself at the climax of his redeeming sacrifice on the cross to become the spiritual mother of all peoples and to dispense to humanity heavenly graces when he said to Mary, “Behold, your son.”  Jesus then told John, and all those who seek to become beloved disciples of Jesus, to “behold your Mother.”  For these roles in dispensing the saving graces of Jesus to her earthly children, Mary is called the “mediatrix of all graces.”  As Bl. John Paul II explained, “mediatrix is implicit in the term, mother.”  The papal Magisterium of the last two centuries has consistently taught this Marian role as mediatrix of all graces, and Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus published this same title on 11 February 2013, the day he announced his resignation.

Some readers at first glance of the proposed fifth dogma would understandably baulk at the concept of Mary as “co-redemptrix.”  They might object that Mary was human while only her divine son Jesus could redeem humanity with his crucifixion.  But taking a deeper look at the proposed dogma, one sees that it reinforces—and does not contradict— Church beliefs and teachings.  Mary uniquely shared in the work of Jesus to redeem the human family, both by giving Jesus his body, the very instrument of redemption, and by suffering with Him at Calvary in a way unparalleled by another other creature.  For this extraordinary role with Jesus in saving souls, Mary has been called the “co-redemptrix” in the Church since the 14th century.  The prefix “co” means “with,” not “equal.”  It must be stressed that Mary is not a goddess on a level or equality with Jesus, but rather she is the unique immaculate human co-redeemer with Jesus, just as every Christian is called to be a “co-redeemer in Christ,” as Bl. John Paul II was fond of saying.

It is clear then that the recognition of the Blessed Mother as advocate, mediatrix, and co-redemptrix, has a long tradition in the Church even if it has not yet been proclaimed dogma.  Likewise, the petitioning of the Holy Father for the declaration of dogma is a Church tradition.  Petition drives for Marian dogmas are simply Catholic precedence.  They are not democratic power plays seeking to force the Pope’s hand.  Instead, petition drives are to be seen as manifestations of the sensus fidelium (the “common consensus of the faithful”) in encouraging the Holy Father to a particular course of action which the faithful discern to be for the good of the Church.

Authentic Catholic petition drives must be a request of something that conforms to the faith and moral teachings of the Church and must be submitted with an unconditional obedience to the ultimate discernment and decision of the Vicar of Christ.  The Marian dogmas of her Immaculate Conception and her Assumption, for example, were solemnly proclaimed only after a lengthy petition drive from the Catholic faithful to the Holy Father.  Before the papal definition of the Immaculate Conception by Blessed Pius IX in 1854, millions of petitions from the Catholic world were sent to the Vatican, with particular perseverance coming from Spain and its Catholic government.  In the case of the Assumption, infallibly declared by Pius XII in 1950, over 8 million petitions spanning 95 years were documented by the Holy Office in support of this Marian dogma.

History shows that graces have been poured on the Church after Marian dogmas are proclaimed.  The historic situation of the papacy and the Church was bleak, for example, just before the proclamation of the Immaculate Conception.  Pope Pius IX had been chased out of the Vatican by Masonic forces from southern Italy.  While in exile in Gaeta, two cardinals approached the beleaguered Holy Father with the remedy to this dire situation:  proclaim the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.  Pius IX acquiesced to their request and from exile wrote to the world’s bishops to state his intention to proclaim the new Marian dogma.  The dogma was proclaimed, the papacy was restored, the Vatican and Church were secured, and the Marian dogma of the Immaculate Conception was subsequently declared infallible by the Holy Father.

The proclamation of the fifth Marian dogma would satisfy God’s condition of never forcing grace upon us.  The Holy Father’s free acknowledgement and solemn announcement of Mary’s roles as advocate, mediatrix, and co-redemptrix would allow her to fully enact these motherly roles of intercession on behalf of humanity.  Since Mary’s motherly titles also are her motherly functions of grace for the Church, the more solemnly we acknowledge these motherly roles, the more powerfully she can exercise them.  If these roles were to be infallibly proclaimed by the Holy Father as the highest authority of the world, this proclamation would inextricably lead to the fullest possible release of heavenly graces through our Blessed Mother.

The proclamation of the dogma of Mary “Advocate, Mediatrix, and Co-redemptrix” by the Holy Father would enable the Mother of Jesus to shower the world with a historic outpouring of grace, redemption, and peace in a new and dynamic way—an event which Marian apparitions like Fatima refer to as the “Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”  Pope Francis has been on a blessed tirade of Marian teaching and witness starting with his very first papal act going to St. Mary Major’s Basilica in Rome to thank and honor Our Lady, to his return visit there in early Mary, and to his request to have his papacy consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima on 13 May.  The Holy Father will be wielding a powerful spiritual weapon in one hand in October when he consecrates in the world to Our Lady of Fatima.  We hope and pray that Pope Francis will soon pick up with his other hand the spiritual weapon the Lady of All Nations offered the Church in Amsterdam by proclaiming the fifth and final Marian dogma.  The Holy Father and the Holy Catholic Church will need the weapons of both Fatima and Amsterdam to combat the onslaught of evil as evidenced by the world’s heavier, intensifying, and quickening degeneration, disaster, and war.

For further relections on the Virgin Mary, see Professor Miravalle’s Meet Mary, available from Sophia Institute Press

By Dr. Mark Miravalle and Richard L Russell

Dr. Mark Miravalle is Professor of Theology and Mariology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is the author of Meet Mary: Getting To Know The Mother of God among numerous other books pertaining to Mariology. Along with his international travels, he has appeared on radio, television, and a number of conferences. Richard L. Russell, a Catholic convert, holds a Ph.D. in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia and specializes in foreign policy and international security. He is the author of three books: Sharpening Strategic Intelligence (Cambridge University Press); Weapons Proliferation and War in the Greater Middle East (Routledge); and, George F. Kennan’s Strategic Thought (Praeger).





24TH Hour – “O Cross, how could You be so cruel with my Son? Ah, You have spared Him nothing! What wrong had He done to You? You have not permitted Me, His sorrowful Mama, to give Him even a sip of water, while He was asking for it; and to His parched mouth You gave gall and vinegar! I felt my pierced Heart melt, and I wanted to offer It to His lips to quench His thirst, but I had the sorrow of seeing Myself rejected. O Cross, cruel, yes, but holy, because divinized and sanctified by contact with my Son!

Turn that cruelty which You used with Him into compassion for miserable mortals; and for the sake of the pains He suffered on You, impetrate grace and strength for the souls who suffer, so that not one of them may be lost because of tribulations and crosses. Souls cost Me too much – they cost Me the life of a Son God; and as Co-Redemptrix and Mother, I bind them to You, O Cross.” And after kissing It over and over again, You leave.




Volume 17 – May 1, 1925 – In addition to Me, there is my Celestial Mama, who received the unique mission as the Mother of a God Son, and the office of Co-Redemptrix of mankind. For her mission of Divine Maternity, She was enriched with so much grace, that all other creatures combined, both celestial and terrestrial, would never be able to equal Her. But this was not enough to draw the Word into her maternal womb; it was necessary that the Mother put in action all this abyss of graces and gifts, by embracing all creatures, loving them, repairing and adoring the Supreme Majesty for all; in such a way as to accomplish Herself, all that the human generations owed to God. Therefore, in her virginal Heart She had an inexhaustible vein for God and for all creatures. When the Divinity found in this Virgin compensation for the love of all, It felt enraptured, and formed in Her Its Conception – that is, the Incarnation of the Word. And as She conceived Me, She took on the office of Co- Redemptrix, and shared and embraced together with Me, all the pains, the substitutions, the reparations, the maternal love, for all. In the Heart of my Mother there was a fiber of maternal love for each creature. This is why, in truth and with justice, when I was on the Cross, I declared Her Mother of all. She ran together with Me in the love, in the sufferings – in everything; She never left Me alone. If the Eternal One had not placed so much grace in Her as to be able to receive, alone, the love of all – He would never have moved from Heaven to come down upon earth and redeem mankind. Here is the necessity, the convenience – that She had to embrace and surpass everything, as befitting the mission of the Mother of the Word.

Volume 20 – January 30, 1927 – “My daughter, there is an immense difference between one who must form a good, a kingdom, and one who must receive it in order to enjoy it.  I came upon earth to expiate, to redeem, to save man; and in order to do this I had to receive the pains of creatures, and take them upon Myself as if they were My own.  My Divine Mama, who was to be Co-Redemptrix, was not to be dissimilar from Me; rather, the five drops of blood that She gave Me from Her most pure Heart in order to form My little Humanity, came out of Her crucified Heart.  For Us the pains were offices that We came to fulfill, therefore they were all voluntary pains, not impositions of a fragile nature.

“However, you must know that in spite of so many pains of Ours, that We had in order to carry out Our office, highest happiness, unending and ever new joys, continuous paradise, were inseparable from Me and from My Queen Mother.  It was easier for Us to separate from Our pains—because they were not things intrinsic to Us, things of nature, but things of office—than to separate from the sea of the immense happinesses and joys that the nature of Our Divine Will, that We possessed, produced in Us as things that were Our own and intrinsic to Us.

“Just as the nature of the sun is to give light, and that of water to quench one’s thirst, that of fire to warm and to turn everything into fire—and if they did not do so, they would lose their nature—so it is the nature of My Will to make happiness, joy and paradise arise, wherever It reigns.  Will of God and unhappiness does not exist, nor can exist; or, Its complete fullness does not exist, and this is why the rivulets of the human will form bitternesses for the poor creature.  For Us, because the human will had no access into Us, happiness was always at its peak, the seas of joys were inseparable from Us.  Even when I was on the Cross, and My Mama was crucified at My Divine feet, perfect happiness never disassociated from Us; and if this could happen, I would have had to go out of the Divine Will, disassociate Myself from the Divine nature, and act only with the human will and nature.

“Therefore, Our pains were all voluntary, chosen by Our very Selves as the office that We came to fulfill—they were not fruits of the human nature, of fragility, or of the imposition of a degraded nature.

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Maria Carmen

Maria Carmen offered herself up as a victim

for the conversion of the assassins of her father


by Dom Antoine-Marie, OSB

On January 16, 1996, Pope John Paul II declared “venerable” (a person who lived in a heroic way the virtues of faith, hope, and charity) Maria del Carmen Gonzales-Valerio, who died at the age of 9 years and 4 months.

Confirmed at the age of two

Maria Carmen was born in Madrid, Spain, on March 14, 1930, the second of five children. She became seriously ill immediately after her birth, so she is baptized right away. The good Lord did not want to wait to erase from her soul the original sin, and gift her with His grace and make her His child. Following unexpected circumstances, she is confirmed at the age of two, on April 16, 1932, thanks to an initiative of Most Rev. Tedeschini, the apostolic nuncio in Spain and a friend of the family. The Holy Spirit was anxious to give her the courage she would need later.

At the age of six, she makes her First Communion. The date was advanced upon her mother’s request, who will say later: “I was convinced then that Spain, and especially our family, would go through difficult times. One could see religious persecution brewing, and I wanted Maria Carmen to make her First Communion before.”

In his Letter to children, dated Dec. 13, 1994, Pope John Paul II wrote: “How many children in the history of the Church has the Eucharist been a source of spiritual strength, sometimes even heroic strength!”

This is why Pope Pius X allowed and encouraged receiving Holy Communion as early as the age of reason. Maria Carmen enjoyed this favor, as her mother testified: “She really began to grow on the way to holiness after her First Communion.” Moreover, it is on the occasion of a Holy Communion that she will make her complete offering to God.

On August 15, 1936, Communist militiamen arrested her father, who said to his wife: “Our children are too young, they don’t understand. Tell them later that their father gave up his life for God and for Spain, so that our children may be raised in a Catholic Spain, where the crucifix reigns over in schools.” He is assassinated not long after that.

After the death of her husband, Mrs. Gonzales-Valerio is in great danger, because of her Christian Faith. She takes refuge at the Belgian embassy, whereas her children are taken care of by one of their aunts. One day, they learn that the children are to be sent to Russia, like so many others, to be raised in Marxism. The ambassador then accepts to take them at the embassy, despite the lack of space. It is February 11, 1937.

A sense of modesty

Maria Carmen distinguishes herself by her sense of modesty, practiced even in details. Her mother relates: “One day, Maria Carmen was to go to a birthday party with other children. I had put on her a little sleeveless low-necked dress, and told her not to crease it. But I realized that she had put a jacket over it. I became angry and scolded her. She said to me, crying, that she would not go out with this dress. My mother, who witnessed the scene, took me aside and told me that I had not the right to suppress her God-given sense of modesty, and that I would be accountable to God for the education that I gave to her. So Maria Carmen went to the party with her jacket on.”

The grandmother was right: the sense of modesty comes from God. On December 8, 1995, the Pontifical Council for the Family wrote, in an instruction against certain shameless trends spread in today’s society:

“Even if they are socially accepted, there are ways of talking and dressing that are morally wrong… Parents must therefore teach their children the value of Christian modesty, to dress in a sober way, to learn not to feel obliged to follow fashions – all of that being the characteristics of a mature personality.”

Charity for the poor

Maria Carmen also excels in charity for the poor. When one of them rings at their door, and she opens, she gives him all of her little savings, then says to the poor man: “Now, ring again so that mommy will give you something.” Maria Carmen’s piety showed at an early age. At the age of four or five, she likes to lead the recitation of the family Rosary, and recites by heart the litanies of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Like Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus, she made a “bead of practices”, on which she counts her acts of virtue. This way, she practices the “particular examination” of virtues and faults proposed by Saint Ignatius of Loyola. In the same spirit, she keeps a book of “acts”, to know the virtues and obligations of each day: obedience, mortification, class, study, Rosary, Communion, Mass, prayers, etc.

Maria Carmen likes to offer up her little sacrifices to the Heart of Jesus. Her religion teacher relates: “When I prepared the children for confession, I could see on her face her horror of sin, and her efforts to make a good act of contrition.” All of her acts, despite her young age, come from a deep source: her intimacy with God.

Victim soul for the conversion of sinners

Maria Carmen has her own secrets. In her book of “acts”, she wrote three times: “personal”. She often asks for her schoolbag that contains the diary in which she wrote these words that can be understood by her alone: “I gave myself to God in the parish of the Good Shepherd on April 6, 1939.” She also wrote: “They killed my poor father.” And, on one of the last pages: “Long live Spain! Long live Christ the King!”, the same cry shouted by the martyrs of the Spanish Civil War. And also: “For daddy, May 7, 1939, personal.” She will say to her nurse: “My father died as a martyr. Poor mommy! And I am dying as a victim.”

Her Uncle Xavier explains: “Maria Carmen wanted the conversion of sinners, as shown by the fact that she offered up the sufferings of her illness and death for Azaña, the President of the Republic, who personified the religious persecution of which the assassins of her father were the instruments.” She asked her mother: “Will Azaña go to Heaven?” “If you make sacrifices and pray for him, yes, he will be saved.” Maria Carmen got the message. Sometimes, she said to her aunt: “Aunt Fifa, let us pray for daddy and for all those who killed him.”

A striking conversion

On November 3, 1940, Azaña dies at Montauban. According to the testimony of Bishop Théas who assisted him at his death, Azaña, despite his circle, received with lucidity the sacrament of Penance, as well as Extreme Unction and the Plenary Indulgence, quietly expiring in God’s love and in the hope of seeing Him one day. He ignored the fact that his path had crossed that of a nine-year-old girl who had prayed and suffered for him.

Not long after her offering of April 6, 1939, the agony of Maria Carmen began: she is confined to her bed. First, an ear infection appears, which then degenerates into blood poisoning. On May 27, she is transported by car to Madrid, where she has an operation. As it is realized that her illness is going to be long, she is brought back home. Some days, she has more than twenty injections.

One ear is attacked by the disease, and she loses her second ear because she stayed too long sleeping on her side. Her illness is then aggravated by a double phlebitis. Gangrenous wounds appear. She faints from pain when her sheets are changed. Only the name of Jesus helps her to endure everything, for nobody thinks about giving her painkillers. Her mother said to her: “Maria Carmen, ask the Child Jesus to heal you from your wounds.” “No, mommy, I will not ask that; I want His Will to be done.” She often asks for people to read for her the prayer for the agonizing, and in thought, she is already more in Heaven than on earth.

“I die as a martyr”

Maria Carmen had foretold many times that she would die on July 16, the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, her patron saint. But, when she learnt that her Aunt Sophia would get married on that day, she announced that she would die the next day. This is exactly what happened. On the 17th, around 1 p.m., she starts to pray, and hear the angels sing. “I die as a martyr. Please, doctor, let me go now. Don’t you see that the Blessed Virgin has come with the angels to get me?” To the amazement of all, she then says, with her hands joined together: “Jesus, Mary, Joseph, may I breathe forth my soul with you.” Those are her last words.

Then, slightly lifting herself up, as though to get something, she falls back on her pillow, and breathes her last, without agony, without her features tense with suffering. Having been disfigured by her illness, she recovers in death all of her beauty, and her body exhales a sweet perfume. The medical examiner certifies death, but notices with amazement that the corpse of the child does not look like a dead body.

Maria Carmen’s example puts before us a fruit of the grace of God, made fruitful by a good education. Let us ask Venerable Maria Carmen to intercede for families.

Dom Antoine-Marie, OSB

St. Joseph de Clairval Abbey


This article was  published in the January-February, 2002 issue of “Michael”.



Volume 2 – May 14, 1899


This morning, my most sweet Jesus, transporting me with Him, made me see the multiplicity of the sins that are committed; they were such and so many, that it is impossible to describe them. I could also see a star of enormous magnitude in the air, and within its roundness it contained black fire and blood. It would strike so much fear and fright in looking at it, that it seemed that death would be a lesser evil than to live in these times so sad. In other places, one could see volcanoes with more mouths opening, which are also to inundate the country nearby. One could also see sectarian people, who will go on causing fires. While I was seeing this, my lovable but afflicted Jesus told me: “Have you seen how much they offend Me, and what I keep prepared? I am withdrawing from man.” And as He was saying this, we both withdrew into my bed, and I could see that because of this withdrawal of Jesus, men would give themselves over to more awful actions, more murders; in a word, I seemed to see people against people. Once we had withdrawn, Jesus seemed to place Himself in my heart, and He began to cry and sob, saying: “Oh man, how much I have loved you! If you knew how I grieve in having to chastise you! But my Justice forces Me to this. Ohh man, Ohh man! How I cry and grieve over your lot.” Then He would burst into tears and, again, He would repeat those words.

Who can say the pity, the fear, the torment that arose in my soul, especially in seeing Jesus so afflicted and crying! I did as much as I could to hide my sorrow, and in order to console Him I said to Him: ‘O Lord, it will never be that You chastise man. Holy Spouse, do not cry; just as You have done the other times, You will do now: You will pour it into me; You will make me suffer, and so your Justice will not force You to chastise the people.’ Jesus would continue crying, and I would repeat: ‘But, listen to me a little bit – have You not put me in this bed so that I might be victim for others? Have I perhaps not been ready to suffer the other times so as to spare creatures? Why do You not want to listen to me now?’ But with all my poor speaking, Jesus would not calm Himself from crying. So, no longer able to hold it, I too broke the dike of my crying, saying to Him: ‘Lord, if your intention is to chastise men, I too do not have the heart to see creatures suffer so much. Therefore, if You truly want to send the scourges, and my sins no longer make me worthy to suffer in the place of others, I want to come – I want to be on this earth no more.’ Then the confessor came, and as he called me to obedience, Jesus withdrew, and so it ended.



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September 24 – Our Lady of Ransom



OurLadyOfRansomToday, in many parts of the world, the Catholic Church commemorates the feast of Our Lady of Ransom, also known as Our Lady of Mercy or Nuestra Señora de la Merced.

The Blessed Virgin appeared in 1218 in separate visions to St. Peter Nolasco, St. Raymund of Penafort, and James, king of Aragon, asking them to found a religious order dedicated to freeing Christian captives from the barbarous Saracens or Moors, who at that time held a great part of Spain. On August 10, 1218, King James established the royal, military and religious Order of our Lady of Ransom (first known as the Order of St. Eulalia, now known as the Mercedarian Order), with the members granted the privilege of wearing his own arms on their breast. Most of the members were knights, and while the clerics recited the divine office in the commanderies, they guarded the coasts and delivered prisoners. This pious work spread everywhere and produced heroes of charity who collected alms for the ransom of Christians, and often gave themselves up in exchange for Christian prisoners.

Patronage: Barcelona, Spain; people named Clemency, Mercedes, Mercedez, Merced or Mercy.

Prayer for the Feast of Our Lady of Ransom
OL of Ransom

“O God, who by means of the most glorious Mother of Thy Son was pleased to give new children to Thy Church for the deliverance of Christ’s faithful from the power of the heathen; grant, we beseech Thee, that we who love and honor her as the foundress of so great a work may, by her merits and intercession, be ourselves delivered from all sin and from the bondage of the evil one. Through the same Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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